Are you likely to get melanoma or other skin cancer?

I’m not trying to scare anyone, but skin cancer is the #1 cancer in the USA….and sure, one does not want to live a life in fear….but you can certainly do your best to reduce your potential to be one of the statistics….

1. Wear a mineral sunscreen every single day…rain or shine…

2. No tanning salons/tanning booths – EVER!

Deadly melanoma has increased 200% since 1973…that’s a much bigger risk of you getting it… 9000 people die every year from this form of skin cancer…. Read this article to really understand the story… Basal Cell Carcinomas and Squamous Cell Carcinomas are no joke either…

Yes, I’ve had melanoma removed from my face – twice – so I truly understand the meaning of being part of the statistic. Get yourself checked out. If you need to have some skin cancer cut out of you, here are my recommendations as to how you can help your skin heal and repair well

Best advice on scar or wound healing and repair

Check out this SkinCareTV channel video based on my experience at healing and repairing my facial skin after 2 surgeries to remove cancerous melanoma. It discusses what to do directly after surgery, before stitches are removed, after stitches are removed, and long term skin care.

Young skin tends to heal and repair a lot faster than older skin, but all skin can benefit from tried and tested best methods and ingredients. The type, quantity and quality of ingredients in skin care products will definitely impact the speed and long terms results of your healing process. The products I recommend are all available for purchase online.

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

Lab grown skin – will save millions of lab animals from torture, pain and death

Some advances in skin care are humane – most are not! Check out this article for a positive humane aspect to skin care products.

All dermatology drugs and creams made by pharmaceutical companies and sold by doctors/pharmacies, are tested on animals. ‘FDA approved’ means ‘animal tested’. These test are painful and traumatic to each animal – but you never see nor hear about how they suffer…just the media coverage that makes it sound blissfully wonderful that these pharmaceutical companies/universities/government agencies are discovering new ways to change the way our skin looks. In this day and age, the global inhumanity to animals is epic…all because we want to live longer and look younger….and make pharmaceutical companies richer.

All Sensitive Skin Clinic products are cruelty free, and are never tested on animals. All services at Blue Turtle Spa utilise cruelty free skin care products. I will NEVER agree with anyone who feels that animals are disposable entities in the search for the mythical fountain of youth!

To know more about animal testing please watch this SkinCareTV video.

Stop ‘Clarisonic-brushing’ and scrubbing your skin – unless you are serious about wanting to damage it!

It’s not just me who hates those damned marketing hyped sonic brushes… Dermatologist Dr Glogau agrees with me…

Check out the San Francisco Chronicle article about self-inflicted-pink-faced-sensitive-skin-people with a cascade of tiny whiteheads and a checkerboard of light and dark patches…. Does this sound familiar to you?????

As the article states Self-inflicted sensitive skin is on the rise, so much so that beauty counters and drug stores are awash in products that either specifically target sensitive skin or promise to be gentle and non-irritating…In the (Hi-Tech San Francisco) Bay Area, doctors and skin care professionals trace the correlative link between complaints of sensitive skin and the hyper-exfoliation fad back to 2004, when sonic face brushes hit the market. Since then, sales of soothing face products like masks, oils and gels have proliferated.’ Check out the Soothe + Hydrate Mask – it is sensationally soothing for all sensitive skin types.

I constantly see clients who have damaged their skin with harsh detergent cleansers, anti-acne products, Retin-A/Differin (etc) strong anti-aging products, chemical peels, Alpha Hydroxy Acid exfoliators that are too strong for their skin, those ‘barbaric and neanderthal’ scrubbing cleansers, and all the latest and non-scientific marketing-hyped fads. SEEING AS THIS IS THE ONLY SKIN YOU WILL EVER HAVE, WHY DO YOU WANT TO TREAT IT SO BADLY AND DAMAGE IT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?

So many of my clients suffer with sensitive skin, and this is one of the reasons I created the Sensitive Skin Clinic line of products, but overall, I have always contended that ALL skin should be treated sensitively. I created a list of the best and worst things to do for your skin. I helped people determine which of the 3 levels of sensitivity they are part of. More importantly, I have helped them strengthen their skin, getting it more balanced and a lot less sensitive.

Simply put, one of the best methods to rebuild the strength of your sensitive skin is to only use a truly sensitive cleanser (with cool water), keep the skin hydrated and then apply a lipid rich moisturizer.
The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

Will acne skin care products help prevent acne – even if you don’t have any acne right now?

Question from a client:

Will acne skin care products help prevent acne – even if you don’t have any acne right now?

It’s like take cholesterol medication incase you get high cholesterol….or taking pain killers incase you get a headache….or putting your leg in a cast incase you break it….or taking antibiotics incase you have a breakout….

No drugs nor skin care products can be classified as an insurance policy….and it is not a precautionary measure because there is no way to prevent something from happening….well not on this planet anyway….

I dislike most acne products on the market because they are aggressive and usually bad for the skin. Using them as a precautionary measure will just unbalance the skin and create other problems like redness, dryness, flakiness, sensitivity…. For example, use Clear-it ONLY on the pimple and rub it in. Never smear Clear-it all over the face hoping the antibacterial nature of the sulfur will prevent future potential pimples.

I believe that most acne should be treated gently – not aggressively (there are a few exceptions to my general rule)…. Following the following rules will work for most acne conditions….

Always just use a truly gentle cleanser, utilising cool water, and only once per day (unless you are a type 4 teenage acne sufferer).  Cleanse at night, not in the morning. Never cleanse in the shower. Cleanse with cool water before of after showering. Keep your face out of the hot shower water. Hot water is bad for your skin all over your body – and your hair….sorry…but this is true!

Use the appropriate exfoliator for your skin type – at least 3 nights per week, but maybe 5 or 7 x per week if your skin needs it or can accommodate it.

Help your skin repair by retaining hydration levels with Hydrate + Serum or aloCell Gel.

Apply moisturizer only where needed, not where you naturally produce your own moisturizer (aka ‘oil’).

Always use a mineral sunscreen every day (rain or shine) to reduce the potential of dark spots after the acne pimple has gone away…

Eat a HEALTHY diet of 5 fruit and 5 vegetable servings every day. Eliminate Dairy and processed Foof from your diet. NEVER EAT JUNK/FAST FOOD!

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.