Nutrition ABSOLUTELY impacts youth acne!

According to the book ‘The Clear Skin Diet’ Japanese youth had a lower incidence of acne than American youth. During the 80’s and 90’s with the massive influx and influence of ‘amazing’ American fast/junk food cuisine, Japanese youth caught up to American youth in terms of acne incidences and out breaks.

So all that red meat/refined starch/fried food and high sugar/fructose ingredients just proved how bad such a diet is for all of humanity! Got Acne? Don’t eat an American diet! American fast food meat (beef, chicken, pork etc) is fed GMO based corn, American processed food contains masses of GMO based corn and soy products, American processed foods contain masses of sugar and GMO based corn fructose, American breads and cookies contain next to no whole fiber sources, American fast/junk food fries everything in GMO based vegetable oils. Cool eh? Makes you want to thank all those food processing companies and fast food giants that have revolutionized the world of nutrition from valuable to no value. You can also thank them for making acne the de-facto standard for the youth of today in just about every country on this planet. Misery loves company.

BUT, THERE ARE WAYS TO COMBAT ACNE WITH GOOD NUTRITION AND GOOD SKIN CARE. THE WORLD HAS NOT COME TO AN END…. For more info, check out the videos on the SkinCareTV channel as well as

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