A balanced skin + a strong barrier = youthful looking skin

A report in the journal of cosmetic science highlights the importance of maintaining a strong skin barrier. In consultations with clients I always speak about getting the skin to a balanced comfort zone because a strong skin will take care of itself.

A lot of cosmetics sold to us through seductive and hyped up marketing will often do the opposite – unbalance and weaken the skin. It is all about science – the pH of the skin is critical to it doing the job of protecting the body.

The latest scientific report shows that soaking or bathing in water will cause the skin to lose it’s natural moisturizing factors and thus make it dry and flaky. Water is a higher pH than the skin, so too much alkalinity unbalances the natural acidity of the skin.

One of the critical natural moisturizing elements of the skin is the oil we produce (aka our natural moisturizer). Removing the oil from the skin is not a good idea. Working with the oil on your skin is a good idea. Long hot baths are not – it causes you to lose your natural moisturizer. Swimming in chlorinated pools is even worse. Yikes – what shall we do?

Firstly, minimize your desire for long, hot, baths. Heat and hot water is bad for the skin, as is excess water exposure. Short showers are great. Use a hydration gel like Tu’el Hy-drate to help hold water in the skin with sodium hyaluronate. Then apply a lipid rich moisturizer like the Skin Renu Advanced Bruise Prevention Formula. The squalane (from olives), wheat ceramides and phospholipids will help your skin recover it’s natural moisturizing factors and re-balance. Beautiful! See http://shop.blueturtlespa.com .

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