Is the skin around the eyes thin?

Question from a YouTube visitor to the SkinCareTV channel : Doesn’t the skin under the eye wrinkle´╗┐ easily because there are less layers of skin under the eye? This is what I was taught when I worked for Clinique.

Answer: The epidermal and dermal layers are the same and function the same way as other areas of the face. The subcutaneous layer (fat tissue that sits under the dermal layer) is less in the eye area. Under the fat tissue is the muscle tissue. The fat tissue provides a cushioning effect for the dermal layer (where the collagen and elastin fibers reside). Less fat tissue increases the wrinkling potential due to constant muscle movement around the eyes.

The other cause of wrinkling is sun damage – so using a high mineral content sunscreen around the eyes will help reduce the sun damage and therefore potential wrinkling. That is why I totally promote mineral sunscreens – they can be worn right around the eyes because there is no moisturizer included.

For more information on inorganic (mineral) sunscreens check out

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