Milia, white heads, white bumps…..

Little white bumps (white heads) that appear on the skin are typically Milia.  They are cholesterol and sebum deposits. Cholesterol is used in building cell walls – it is a good thing. Milia are not related to your blood cholesterol levels. It is not an acne pustule. Acne pustules are usually associated with acne bacteria and they get red with varying degrees of inflammation.

Milia tend to be genetic and related to sun damage. Many people get them around the eyes and cheeks as they age. They can be zapped by a dermatologist (cosmetic procedure) or you can use a glycolic acid exfoliator combined with a colloidal sulfur topically – like Clear-it. Any reference to milia through an online search will always result in the common remedy – exfoliate!. However, trying to do this with a scrub is not the right solution…you will more likely just damage the skin. Using an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (Glycolic), if your skin is strong enough to manage it, is the only effective solution…combined with using Clear-it on the milia.

Reducing the milia size or eliminating them completely usually happens within weeks. It is great for blemishes and most sebaceous cysts (like milia). Check out the Clear-it at the online Blue Turtle Spa shop.

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