Mixing your sunscreen and moisturizer together? Bad idea!

It is never a good idea to mix your moisturizer and sunscreen together. The ingredients that make a sunscreen work have to be in a set combination. Throwing your moisturizer ingredients into the equation will totally reduce the effectiveness of the sunscreen.

It is like mixing chamomile tea with beer, or mixing 2 food recipes and get a sloppy/messy tasteless result. So NO Mixing… Use moisturizer where your need it, and sunscreen everywhere.

However if you have 2 mineral sunscreens of at least 10% Zinc + Titanium, and 1 is very white and ghostly, then mixing it with the TiZO SPF 40 will give you a lighter tint without reducing the effectiveness too much. Do not try this with non 10% mineral sunscreens.

More sunscreen info at SkinCareTV channel on YouTube.

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