FDA APPROVED = Animal Testing

When ever you see those words “FDA Approved” you know immediately, and without any doubt, that animals were tortured and killed getting to the point where a corporation can make a lot of money selling a product or equipment that has been FDA approved. Makes you wonder just how exciting all these marketing hyped up innovations are. You can spend money on looking younger and feeling better thanks to the death of over 100 million animals.

Congress must change the rules for the FDA and EPA. Check out the valiant efforts being made… http://www.pcrm.org/resch/tsca/

I cannot begin to think what it must be like being one of the many people whose job it is to torture, cause pain, and death to millions of animals each year. Just how humane is humanity? Genocidal warfare does not paint a pretty picture of human beings…and what does torturing animals for the purpose of making money say about us??????

Our charity donations make us feel good – we need to help others and improve our society and planet – but is it OK to do it at the expense (aka life) of defenseless and unwilling animals? Support charities that do not spend money testing on animals. Go to http://humaneseal.org / and search to see if your charities are pro or anti animal testing. There are alternatives to the exact type of charity that you support so there is no need to stop supporting an area that is important to you.

This is breast cancer awareness month – so which
charities do NOT support animal testing? Avon Breast Cancer Crusade (http://www.avonfoundation.org/breast-cancer-crusade/), American Breast Cancer
Foundation (www.abcf.org), Breast Cancer Fund (www.breastcancerfund.org). And with
the Nike Womens Run this weekend to support Luekemia and Lymphoma here is an
organization that does NOT support animal testing – Lymphoma Foundation
of America (www.lymphomahelp.org). AND for skin
cancer there is the Skin Cancer Foundation (www.skincancer.org). SOURCE: www.navs.org
personal care guide.

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