Wrinkle erasing – the medical solutions

The primary cause of wrinkles is sun damage, but genetics and how you live your life play a substantial role as well. Teenagers and young adults can reduce their potential for severe wrinkling later on in life by wearing a mineral sunscreen everyday, and take care of their skin and body by eating well.

Age happens to everyone and everything on this planet. If you have done major damage and genetics are not on your side, either accept it or pay big bucks to make changes. The dramatic changes can only come from medical procedures.  Here are some of your potential costs based on the national average based on a Wall Street Journal report of Oct 12, 2010 on page D1…

Frown lines between eyes (Botulinum toxin A – e.g. Botox) $397
Crow’s Feet at the sides of eyes (Botulinum toxin A – e.g. Botox) $397
Smile Lines and Sunken Cheeks (Dermal fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, Sculptra…) $467 – $1253
Loose Jowls (facelift) $6881
Dark Sunken Eyes (fat grafting or specialized fillers) $1797
Sagging Eyelids (Blepharoplasty eyelid lift) $2717
Sagging Brow (Forehead lift) $3276
Sun Spots (laser resurfacing) $1030 – $2424. An alternative is a chemical peel. At a medical facility it is $719, at Blue Turtle Spa a chemical peel is $150 so you can get 4 of them for less than 1 a medical facility…

Dr. Gregory Nikolaidis, a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon from Austin TX is reported in the Sep/Oct 2010 issue of MedEsthetics that filling the tear trough and sunken eye area is  one that he specializes in and avoiding the veins in the area is critical to preventing bruising that may take a while to disappear. He also feels that under-correcting is better than over-correcting the area. Excess Juvederm can last for up to a year – so over-correcting will require a further procedure using Vitrase to break it down. He feels that 1 syringe of Juvederm XTC in the periorbital region is sufficient. The patient should return 4 – 5 months after first treatment and then every year or two as needed.

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