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Cell Youth Actif – a significant age fighting product

Cell Youth Actif is probably one of the most significant new products created this year. It reveals more youthful looking and acting skin. The scientific research papers show great results in all age groups.

Within 2 weeks it will increase skin vitality and repair while reducing redness of unbalanced or sensitive skin conditions. From 6 – 12 weeks you start noticing skin firmness improve and wrinkles reduce.

How does it do this? By stimulating our dormant adult stem cells in the skin using North Atlantic hydrolyzed algin from kelp, repairing common DNA damage by activating repair enzymes with the Mediterranean Arabidopsis plant extract, as well as increase cellular hydration with Piptadenia colubrina from Brazil and turn up cellular energy with ergothioneine from mushroom.

Cell Youth Actif is paraben and fragrance free. It is pH neutral for your skin to ensure a healthy, balanced skin barrier.

TiZO Body SPF 35 with 20% Zinc for Face and Body

A NEW TiZO Sunscreen…Ideal for MEN… Ideal for everyone’s FACE AND BODY! It is also ideal for anyone with very pale skin colour who prefer a clear mineral facial sunscreen.

It has the elegance of TiZO3 without the ‘whiteness-negating’ iron oxides that give it a tinted appearance. The iron oxides tend to ‘catch’ on men’s course facial hair so does not always present well for men who don’t have very close shaving techniques.  TiZO Body SPF35 with 20% Zinc Oxide is now available. Utilizing multiple particle sizes of a 20% Zinc Oxide dispersion, this single sunscreen filter offers a soft, silky elegant feel that dries clear, while providing superb UVA and UVB protection.

Of course, I am a huge fan of the sun screening powers of inorganic (mineral) sunscreens. TiZO Body is water resistant, paraben and fragrance free.

Daily use of a firming mask

I love Tu’el’s Regenerative Firming Mask as a daily treatment to firm-up the skin. It is a wonderful mask with a pea peptide-bamboo-glucosamine combination that has been clinically shown to increase collagen production in the skin. Great for slowing down the skin aging process. I like to apply it in the morning before making my smoothie, then shower it off 10 minutes later. Amazing feeling. Sets the skin up for the rest of the day. The great antioxidants in the mask (Vit E, Alpha Lipoic Acid, CoEnzyme Q10, Green Tea and Vit A.) will also suffice to infuse your daily dose of topical antioxidants (but don’t forget to consume the essential antioxidants in your 5 fruit and 5 vegetables servings each day).

Should you use a stronger (AHA/BHA) exfoliator?

THE ANSWER IS YES AND NO. Yes if you have a stubborn condition that needs stronger and stronger treatment, and No if your condition is well controlled using the strength that you are presently using. Also No if your skin is becoming more sensitive due to the use of an alpha or beta hydroxy acid.

This is where first hand knowledge of your skin helps me in the assessment… The skin care goal is also important. If severe dry skin is impacting acne, strong sebaceous activity is creating cysts under the skin (that are not bacterial and thus not inflamed), or very pigmented (sun damaged) skin is creating uneven skin tone, then getting you to a stronger exfoliator will be ideal in most cases.

Depending on the strength of your skin, or the extent of the condition you need to correct, I may suggest starting off with an exfoliant that you use 3 nights a week for 2 weeks, then 5 nights a week for 2 weeks, then 7 nights a week. Sometimes I may even have you use it 7 nights a week at the outset. For severe acne or pigmentation issues, I may even have you use an exfoliator in the a.m. and p.m. The proviso is always that if your skin becomes too sensitive due to the use of the exfoliator, then you back off and use it 3 nights a week for a while until your skin stabilizes.

There are some people that I start off with a milder exfoliant like Clear Skin Ultra Gel (5% Glycolic + 5% Lactic + 2% Betaine Salicylate at 3.9pH) and then move up to Age Limit (5% Glycolic + 5% Lactic at a 3.5pH) and after the skin is accustomed to that level of exfoliation at 5 – 7 nights per week, then I will probably suggest moving up to Glyco-A-Gel (10% Glycolic at 3.2pH). Of course, after working on your skin, I may see that it is strong enough to start out with a more intense exfoliator. The lower the pH and the higher the concentration of Glycolic the more intensive the sensation and affect will be on the skin. In some cases I may suggest moving up to a 30% Glycolic if I feel that we need to be more aggressive because the skin issue is not responding as well as I would like it. When I have done this I have usually been able to achieve the goal that we set out to achieve. In the vast majority of cases it is foolish to shock the skin with an intensively strong exfoliant from the outset.

In some cases we will move to a strong chemical peel to create even more dramatic results, but peels have to be planned. See the post-peel home care regimen to see what a strong chemical peel involves.

As an added benefit, acid exfoliators that are less than 3.9pH are also anti-bacterial. This is ideal in youth acne where bacterial activity is one of the many factors that play a roll in the level of acne breakouts experienced.

Finally, there may be a reason to back down from intensive exfoliators to something milder. Firstly, if your skin becomes too irritated with a high % and low pH acid exfoliator. Irritated skin does not help you solve any problem because irritated skin will not repair and heal quickly or effectively. Secondly, if we achieve the goal of eliminating dry skin that is clogging pores, or if we have successfully lifted sebaceous cysts, or effectively evened out skin tone by lightening hyperpigmented areas.

Daily exfoliation is always a good idea, especially as we age, so the option of no-exfoliation is non-negotiable unless you have a severely unbalanced skin in which case I prefer that we balance and strengthen the skin before even contemplating exfoliation. Don’t ever rush things. Treat the skin gently, get it strong and healthy, and it will take care of itself.

Please check out the other posts on exfoliators in this blog.

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions.