Cell Youth Actif – a significant age fighting product

Cell Youth Actif is probably one of the most significant new products created this year. It reveals more youthful looking and acting skin. The scientific research papers show great results in all age groups.

Within 2 weeks it will increase skin vitality and repair while reducing redness of unbalanced or sensitive skin conditions. From 6 – 12 weeks you start noticing skin firmness improve and wrinkles reduce.

How does it do this? By stimulating our dormant adult stem cells in the skin using North Atlantic hydrolyzed algin from kelp, repairing common DNA damage by activating repair enzymes with the Mediterranean Arabidopsis plant extract, as well as increase cellular hydration with Piptadenia colubrina from Brazil and turn up cellular energy with ergothioneine from mushroom.

Cell Youth Actif is paraben and fragrance free. It is pH neutral for your skin to ensure a healthy, balanced skin barrier.

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