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Moisturizers for dry skin

If you have very dry skin it means that you do not produce much of your own moisturizer (aka sebum produced in your sebaceous glands in your pores that is commonly termed ‘oil’). Generally man-made moisturizers should only be applied where you do not naturally produce your own skin moisturizer. See the video Moisturizers: Yes? or No?

For dry skin I recommend that at night you use a hyaluronic hydration gel like Tu’el Hy-drate or Hale Dermist M3 HA and then apply a moisturizer on top of the hydration gel. Hyaluronic will hold water in the skin (and thus hydrate the skin) whereas a moisturizer is an emolient layer that makes the skin feel soft and silky. I recommend that you use a light moisturizer lotion like Skin Renu’s lipid based products . There is more information about these at the Online Shop .

Most people do not need very heavy moisturizers if they use a truly gentle (non-stripping) cleanser .

If you have exceptionally dry skin (due to having used Accutane in the past, or you take very drying medical drugs, or you are post-menopause) then a layer of Vaseline on top of the moisturizer will help….

For daytime moisturizers you should use one that is suited to the environment in which you work (cold/hot temperatures) as well as your stress levels as both of these have an impact on the amount of natural moisturizer that you produce in your skin. Rather use a hyaluronic hydration gel and a small amount of moisturizer rather than too much moisturizer. As I have often noted before, I do not believe in combined moisturizer sunscreens…see the video Moisturizers: Yes or No?

Does Cell Youth Actif cause blemishes/pimples?

I have not heard of any instances where people claim that using Cell Youth Actif has caused a blemish or 2 to appear on their skin (blemish is a euphemistic term for what some claim is a ‘breakout’). Anyway, the results from Cell Youth Actif are soooooo good that you should not let a blemish or 2 get in the way of having more youthful looking skin…just put some Tuel Clear-it blemish control on the little pink spot and it will be history in a day or 2….so let the youthful looking you shine!

Cell Youth Actif + Tu’el Regenerative Mask for the neck? for the chest? for the hands? Absolutely YES!

Focus in on the areas that concern you the most…Firm up the neck, reduce wrinkles around the eyes, reduce wrinkles all over the face, improve the look of your sun damaged chest…I am now trying to improve the look of my sun damaged hands….and from there…all over the body

You will be able to see the results after just 1 week. Using this combination 7 days a week I am amazed at seeing a 50% reduction in wrinkles around my eyes…. See how much younger your skin will look after 2 months….
Cell Youth Actif is $95 for 1.7oz and Tu’el’s Regenerative Firming Mask is $73 for 4oz. Always Free Shipping.

Skin Creams May Not Protect Against All UV Light – So don’t buy them and stop using them!

I will continue saying this…Use an inorganic (mineral) based sunscreen separate from your moisturizer…

Many daily skin creams that claim to provide ultraviolet protection and anti-aging benefits may not have enough of the critical ingredients needed to block UV-A light, according to new research. That means consumers who rely on these products may be vulnerable to the effects of UV-A rays, including skin darkening, wrinkles, and skin cancer, in some cases. Read the Reuters article.