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Small changes in your skin care routine can significantly improve acne and rosacea (AAD Dermatologist)

Thank heavens this dermatologist has added her weight to the discussion…I was beginning to think I was alone in the world for my dislike of harsh detergent cleansers and love of mineral sunscreens.. She does not specify what a truly gentle cleanser is..which means that people can be confused by marketing-speak labels that claim to be gentle when the ingredients show that they are not…

She is not really talking about the chemistry of product ingredients nor the conditions themselves. See videos on Rosacea and Acne for more information. I like the fact that she says lipid based moisturizers are good for rosacea clients, but I would clarify her remark on moisturizers for all…the common belief is that a moisturizer is a cream and should be used everywhere…this is incorrect, an ‘oil-producing’ acne client should use a hydration gel like aloCell Gel or Hale Dermist HA , and apply a cream based moisturizer only where needed…see the video Moisturizers: Yes or No? In terms of sunscreen…I would clarify her statement by saying only mineral based sunscreens with more than 10% Zinc and/or Titanium Dioxide.

NEW ORLEANS (Feb 4, 2011) — Patients with acne and rosacea are often confused about selecting appropriate skin care products, cosmeceuticals and cosmetics to add into their daily routine. While they want to continue to see results with the treatment regimen from their dermatologist, they also want to be comfortable using products that address other skin issues, such as wrinkles or that protect their skin, such as sunscreens. They also may want to select skin care products that can help improve the overall appearance and health of the skin during treatment, especially if their medications have left their skin with redness, dryness or inflammation. Read the full article here.

Device detects melanoma with light

A device invented by a Canadian dermatologist may be able to detect early-stage melanoma using light, according to Canada’s The device, named Verisante Aura, was developed at the BC Cancer Agency by David McLean, M.D., and colleagues. It uses fiber optics to gather wavelengths emitted by various molecules in response to laser light. Cancer molecules show up as abnormalities on a computer screen. See the article at Modern Medicine.

Start early, start young, it’s never too late….ALWAYS WEAR A MINERAL SUNSCREEN ….EVERYDAY!

Extreme spa treatments from around the world

Snakes, man-eating fish, below-freezing cryogenic chambers. It’s the stuff of nightmares … and it’s also the stuff of spa menus around the world. Turns out spas aren’t all about aromatherapeutic oils and soft music. A handful of innovative spas have created original treatments based on local culture and customs that shake up conventional notions of spa-going while purportedly offering a host of amazing health benefits. Read the article here .

I have to admit…I find these gimmicky treatments to be just that – GIMMICKY. Maybe because I take skin care very seriously… we only have 1 skin, and it will be with us for the est of our life….so why not take care of it rather than expose it to some gimmicky treatment?