Shark finning – inhumane and unethical – it’s like cutting off cows legs to make hamburgers – while the cow is still alive!

I am an advocate of cruelty free skin care and the ethical treatment of all animals on this planet. In no uncertain terms I am absolutely opposed to shark finning (where the fins are cut off live sharks and they are thrown back in the water to drown). Sharks are slow breeding animals – catch too many of them and they become endangered, and then extinct. You don’t like sharks? That does not matter – they are an essential part of the ocean eco-system. Kill off one animal and you unbalance the eco-system. Kill off too many animals and you unbalance the planet…would you and your children want to live in such an unbalanced planet?????????

In California, we want to get a law passed to ban the trade in shark fins and shark finning. AB 376 has a lot of support, but Senator Leland Yee stands in the way of getting it approved. Please help Assembly member Paul Fong and Assembly member Jared Huffman, the Sea Stewards,  the Humane Society US , The
California Academy of Sciences, the Monterey Bay Aquarium and a host of
get this bill passed. Write, email, phone….please. Contact information is at the end of this post.

For a list of restaurants to boycott because of their support of the shark fin trade, see

This is a copy of the email I sent to Senator Leland Yee:

California State Senator Leland Yee

When we first saw the video of how sharks were de-finned while still alive, and then thrown back into the water to drown, we burst into tears. It has caused us to often have nightmares about this inhumane and horrific action. We, as a ‘civilized’ society decried the absolute depraved inhumanity of the Nazi’s some 70 years ago, and likewise all horrific genocides more recently from Cambodia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda etc etc.

How can we stand back and watch this depraved inhuman activity now? Is it just because they are sharks and most people fear sharks? I wonder how Americans would react if they likened this to our ‘national’ food – the beef hamburger. Imagine if cows were not killed before having their hind quarters removed from their body? Imagine if that were the only part of the body needed to make hamburger patties and so the rest of the ‘living’ body was dumped in a field to die a slow death? How is inhumane shark finning any different from this?

In California we have passed legislation to stop the absolutely inhumane force feeding of geese in order to harvest their huge fatty livers for foie gras. We request that you get on side with all of us seeking a world where inhumanity is outlawed, and we can all HOPE to live in a world where we truly care for every animal on this planet of ours.

Please be the CHANGE that we all believe in and support Assembly Member Paul Fong and Jared Huffman on California Assembly Bill 376 to ban the shark fin trade and shark finning.

Andrew Scoular

Assemblymember Paul Fong
AssemblymemberJared Huffman

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