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How to get 5 vegetable servings each day for healthy skin

Mother Nature provides us with all the antioxidants necessary to fight free radical induced aging. 5 vegetables (1 cup of each) with all their antioxidants and vital nutrients every day will give you a healthy body and a healthy glowing skin.

Yes, it is tough to consume all those vegetables every day…but not impossible. JUICE THEM! I use an Omega 8003 juicer. My friend (an engineer) did all the analysis and research and determined that this was a powerful and effective juicer. It is also relatively easy to clean.

I always use organic carrots (full of pro vitamin A beta carotene), and throw in anything else I have in the fridge or can buy organic….like sugar snap peas, broccoli, cucumber, beans, spinach, celery…..and I always include an organic apple just to sweeten it up a bit. I suggest using the carrots and celery at different times of the juicing (definitely a few right at the end) because they are full of fibre and will help move the ‘pulp’ remnants of softer vegetables through the system.

Drink a few glasses of your fresh vegetable juice while watching TV or busy on your computer etc, put the rest in the fridge and have it the next day if you made a lot.

You will feel healthy and your skin will love you.

How to get 5 fruit servings each day for healthy skin

Antioxidants fight of free radicals. Free radicals age your skin. Applying a topical antioxidant can help, but the MOST POWERFUL method of using antioxidants to fight free radicals is by way of CONSUMING 5 different fruit each day (1 cup of each fruit).

Too tough a job for you to handle? Not if you simplify it by making a smoothie. Use a blender or food processor (if buying new, blenders are cheaper than food processors) and mix up your fruit into a delicious smoothie that will give you at least 3 large glasses of nutrition for your skin…

Use organic frozen fruit for convenience sake, or fresh organic fruit. Frozen and fresh organic fruit can be purchased easily in the Bay Area – in San Francisco there is Rainbow Co-op on Folsom/Division, Other Avenues Co-op on Judah/44th Ave, Real Food on Fillmore/Filbert + Polk/Broadway, Thoms on Geary/22nd Ave, Trader Joes, as well as Safeway.

I always use 1 banana, cup of strawberries, cup of blueberries, cup of dark cherries, cup of mango. To get it liquid add Aloe Vera juice (Trader Joes sells a 1 gallon container of aloe vera juice). To make it crunchy, add a handful of almonds. For extra nutrition add a cup of frozen peas. To give it a zingy flavour, add some mint leaves. Sometimes when I run out of frozen organic fruit in my freezer I will use a can of fruit like pineapple or peaches or pears (make sure it is the ‘lite’ version with no added processed sugars).

Note: No need to water it down with ice as they do at Jamba and Starbucks etc. And MacDonalds definitely does not use organic fruit in their smoothies. Dairy (e.g. yoghurt or ice cream) in your smoothie is not a good idea….dairy is ALWAYS bad for the skin. Mono-saccharides (sugar) in pure fruit is never a fattening issue for the vast majority of people – the processed sugars/high fructose corn syrups in processed food and beverages/sodas are the fattening sugars….AND they are bad for the skin.

You will be able to get your fix of fruit antioxidants all day…just take it with you in one of those large handy coffee mugs you can buy at supermarkets/drug stores/coffee shops etc.

You will feel healthy and your skin will look healthy. Win-win all around.

Germs lurking in old makeup: It isn’t pretty…even with preservatives…

Tracy Turnure’s cosmetics collection doesn’t quite qualify her for a spot on A&E’s “Hoarders,” but it’s close. Her various makeup bags, combined with her mom’s and her sister’s stashes, once filled a mid-sized closet in the family’s Seattle home. Hidden among her cosmetic cache is a black Wet ‘N’ Wild eyeliner pencil she bought for 99 cents in middle school and a Garden Botanika bronzer from the early 1990s. She swears she never uses the stuff, but somehow can’t part with the palettes, powders and creams of her past. Read the article.  For more information on cosmetic safety see the video ‘Preservatives in Skin Care‘.

Botox for teens: What would you do?

Teenage girls notoriously struggle with their looks. But imagine if your teen were so concerned about her appearance that she insisted on getting Botox injections to combat the effects of aging. While the procedure might seem excessive for a fresh face, Botox, or botulinum toxin, has become increasingly popular among teenage girls since the Food and Drug Administration approved it for cosmetic use in 2002. Read the article.

What would I do? Make them wear a good mineral sunscreen everyday…because most of our sun damage is done before we reach our 20’s…. See the video ‘Sunscreen: the critical facts‘.