Sun and Aging Part 4. Now that the damage is done, why should I bother about sunscreen?

UVA rays constantly damage your skin so unless you dramatically reduce the rate and quantity of this damage, you will never enjoy any benefits from cosmetics or medical procedures aimed at helping you look younger. You will just continue to age at a faster rate than someone who does not tan. Obviously genetics does come to the rescue of some people, but in the end, Mother Nature will ensure that the majority of us will look a whole lot older if we don’t counteract the negative aspects of the sun, than if we did.

A UVA and UVB protecting mineral sunscreen will also protect your skin’s antioxidant enzymes so that they will work effectively at reducing free radical damage to your cell DNA. You will also be able to ensure that the Cell Youth Actif and Hale Dermist hyaluronic serums you use will help you build more collagen that will increase the firmness and moisture content of your skin and thus give you that younger looking skin you are seeking. Further, you will want to prevent even more hyperpigmentation (brown spots) from appearing in the years to come.

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