Sun and Aging Part 5. What should I do to try and salvage my skin from the damage I have inflicted upon it?

There are treatments and products that will help you reduce the effects of your past sun indiscretions. The essential steps in your home care regimen, are:
1.   Exfoliate the brown spots and wrinkled skin with an appropriate strength glycolic acid (or a slower acting enzyme if your skin does not tolerate the glycolic). A low pH glycolic is more irritating to the skin so not appropriate for sensitive and weaker (unbalanced) skins. Options: Clear Skin Ultra Gel (3.9pH – mildest), Age Limit (3.5pH – mid strength), Glyco-A-Gel (3.2pH – strongest). Some people prefer retinols or prescription strength retinoids to remove brown spots.
2.   Improve the integrity of the epidermis with lipid based creams (see Skin Renu products) if you are exfoliating with aggressive ingredients like glycolic and retinol.
3.   Apply stem cell activating and DNA repairing serums as well as hyaluronic hydrating gels to start building more collagen and elastin fibres in the dermis, and to keep the skin well hydrated for it to carry out more repair and regeneration.
4.   Use a skin brightening gel with licorice extract or bearberry extract to slow the production of melanin (so slowing or preventing the appearance of future brown spots).
5.   Use a good UVA and UVB mineral sunscreen.

In terms of professional treatments, a lite or full strength Jessner Specialised Peel may be appropriate to help remove sun damaged pigmentation from your skin. I will be able to assist you with that decision once I get to know your skin through a regular facial treatment. If your skin is not strong enough and balanced to accommodate a peel of this nature, having one done will probably leave you with highly sensitive and very red skin for a long time afterwards….and may not be worth going through. Please check out the required home care regimen for a Jessner peel – it is quite a committment.

Do the brown spots and rough skin disappear overnight? No, it took you quite a few decades to damage your skin to the point it is at today, so don’t have unrealistic ‘instant gratification’ expectations. Instant gratification treatments are really aggressive and very often lead to longer term damage to the skin. It is the only skin you will ever have so treat it well for the long haul…

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

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