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FDA clears new MediHoney Hydrogel for treating burns

Princeton, NJ-based Derma Sciences has announced FDA 510(k) approval of its MEDIHONEY Hydrogel Wound and Burn Dressing. This newest entry in the company’s MEDIHONEY line of dressings is indicated for treatment of first and second degree burns. Read the article.

I like the idea of using Mother Nature’s honey for burns, now we need to focus on stopping the decline of the world bee population…maybe because of GMO agriculture and GMO related pesticides? See a blog article and sign the petition, as well as an article on the study showing sharp decline in world bee population.

Unfortunately FDA approval requires animal testing – some poor unwilling animals had to be inflicted with the pain and trauma of 1st and 2nd degree burns in order to prove that a product like MediHoney can help heal the burn….ouch…imagine if that was you…. For more information on animal testing see the SkinCareTV video.

High Vitamin D levels linked to certain cancers

The higher a person’s vitamin D levels, the higher the risk of non-melanoma skin cancer, such as basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, finds new research. But the study, appearing in the Aug. 15 issue of the Archives of Dermatology, stops short of saying that high vitamin D levels might actually cause these types of cancer, the most common malignancies in the United States. Read the article.

So we are told by scare-mongers that wearing a sunscreen reduces your Vit D production in the skin, now we are told that too much Vit D can increase chances of skin cancers…. YIKES!

Well, Mother Nature is not as simple as we humans demand…and if we understand the 5 basics of living on this planet, we will stop being surprised by all this marketing hype coming at us from all directions…

1. The sun is the major enabler of skin cancer. We live on this planet and there is absolutely nothing that humans can do about the presence of the sun in our everyday lives.
2. Either stay out of the sun completely (never venture outside nor near a window during daylight hours) or wear a mineral sunscreen EVERY DAY. Not venturing out into daylight is definitely bad for your health and mental well being.
3. A sunscreen only screens out the sun’s UV rays – it does NOT BLOCK them, so there are always some UV rays penetrating your skin to enable the production of Vit D.
4. Do NOT suntan and do NOT use tanning beds.
4. Eating 5 organic fruit and 5 organic vegetable servings a day will give your body most of the nutrients it needs to provide antioxidants for the protection of your body from the damaging rays of the sun.

See the other blog entry ‘sunscreens and Vit D3 can work well together‘ as well as ‘sunscreens cause cancer?‘ – an article about Vit A and skin cancer… and for all sunscreen related articles, see the sunscreen category.

Miraculous dolphin healing powers – but no cruelty to animals please…

Documented incidents of serious injuries to dolphins, presumably inflicted by sharks, show that these bites, some larger than a basketball, healed in weeks without leaving the dolphins disfigured, without causing them apparent pain and without becoming visibly infected.

Hopefully we (scientists/pharmaceutical companies/universities/cosmetic chemists) don’t start killing dolphins just because we want what they have….. All animals are made differently in order to create a diverse and balanced planet. Causing death, pain or injury to other animals for our selfish gain is reprehensible as far as I am concerned.

Why not try aloCell Gel, the intensive skin repair treatment gel…it helps human skin heal and repair quickly without cruelty to animals… See the video on cruelty free skin care at Blue Turtle Spa

Read the full article.

Nail care advice – manicure, pedicure and general health of nails, skin and body

Changes in the nail can signal problems with your overall health. Liver disease, kidney disease, medication side effects, even certain cancers can cause changes in the nails.

Note that excess exposure to water, especially warm water, can dehydrate the skin and nails….and as I have stated many times before, long baths or showers are not good for the skin…and neither is too much cleansing. See the video ‘Cleansers: do they differ? do they matter?

Read the full article.

Donated body and body parts help medical discoveries and reduce painful animal experiments

Amazing medical discoveries are broadcast by all media as miracle cures for common (or not-so-common) human ailments and diseases…yet these hyped marketing messages seldom tell you of the pain, suffering and death of thousands of animals caged in laboratories around the world where the experimentation takes place before it is ‘safe’ enough for humans…. Donated bodies and body parts are a great solution for these scientists to experiment without using unwilling and defenseless animals… Think of it as human body donation is HUMANE and animal experimentation is INHUMANE….

Check out the donation program here

All products promoted and sold at the Blue Turtle Spa shop are not tested on animals…