Persistent Melasma Treatment (Mother’s Mask/ Pregnancy Pigmentation/Birth Control Pill Pigmentation)

Melasma can be both recurrent and persistent, so it is imperative that clinicians treat it sooner rather than later, according to a dermatologist specializing in treating the condition. Read the article.

I like this article, because it references someone who does not just regurgitate the ‘standard’ industry line that shows she probably understand cosmetic chemistry….and I like the fact that she states that mineral (inorganic) sunscreens are absolutely essential….my pet peeve is the magazine editors/industry spokes people/dermatologists who just say wear SPF 15 or more and never mention what are the best ingredients in a sunscreen (usually because they do not study cosmetic chemistry so actually don’t know what the most effective sunscreen ingredients are)…..

NOTE: The article misquotes the melanin (pigment) forming enzyme as tyrosine…in fact the enzyme is tyrosinase and it is instrumental in converting tyrosine into melanin…

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