Acne treatment claims ‘unsupported’

A British study suggests that companies touting the effectiveness of their acne treatment products can’t always back their claims with hard evidence. According to an ABC News report, the University of Nottingham study found that common acne-fighting products lack proper research in documenting their effectiveness. The study notes that most guidelines for acne care are based on expert opinions, but that even those opinions many have conflicts of interest. Read the article.

Too often the industry uses ‘standard’ ingredients for acne…but they fail to differentiate between teen acne and adult acne. Salicylic Acid is usually more suitable for teen acne, where as Glycolic Acid is more suitable for adult acne. Both types of acne require intensive repair treatments like aloCell Gel in order to reduce the potential for acne pitting and scaring. See the video on New Acne Strategies Part 1 and Part 2.

Typical acne cleansers are strong detergents – and these make the skin squeaky clean….what the acne product suppliers and dermatologists ‘assume’ is good for any acne skin…but they are TOTALLY BAD because they strip the natural moisturizer (aka oil) off the skin in the short term, and ALWAYS results in the skin producing a lot more oil to compensate…and within 2 hours you get the proverbial ‘grease slick’ ….uuuuugh….And then the ‘typical’ acne treatments also have you apply moisturizers….oh my..they just worsen the situation. See the videos Moisturizers: Yes or No? and Cleansers: Do the differ and do they matter?

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