Skin care advice from people who have absolutely no knowledge of ongoing daily skin care…

The array is dizzying. Dozens of face-washing “enhancers” are being touted in the fall fashion mags as vital for the nightly cleaning ritual: pre-wash makeup removers, post-wash scrubbing pads, exfoliating gels, toners to restore pH balance and on and on. Read the (badly presented/poorly researched) article from people who should not be giving skin care advice…

AAAAARGH…. I wish the people writing these articles would learn about skin care, and I wish dermatologists would either study cosmetic chemistry and cosmetic ingredients or else stick to drugs and disease. NO BAR OF SOAP FOR THE SKIN….EVER! And then they talk about ‘normal’ skin…a term they cannot begin to describe…because there is no such thing as a general term ‘normal’ skin. How the hell do you know if your definition of ‘normal’ is vaguely similar to anyone else’s? And when they like ‘foaming’ cleansers are they saying foam = gentle????? Hell, learn about the various forms of detergent (including foaming ones) before making broad non-sensical statements. DO NOT CLEANSE TWICE PER DAY unless you have oily skin….(check out why). DO NOT APPLY MOISTURIZER all over the face every day unless you have dry skin…. (check out why). The good part of this article is that they say toners are a waste of time and money….YES! Yet there are many ‘medical’ skin care lines sold through dermatology offices that still suggest that you buy and use a toner…..oh my!

And as for the comment that the ‘internet trend’ of using bleach or hydrogen peroxide on the skin is too harsh…well there is a better word than harsh….it is STUPID!

Oh man I really hate these articles written by people who have absolutely no idea about the chemistry of the skin and the chemistry of skin care products…..and the reader always loses out because these people claim to be ‘smart’ and ‘knowledgeable’ when they actually know very little of which they write.

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