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Natural Vegan Organic Skin Care Marketing – do you believe it?

I came across this grossly misleading statement at… “Did you know that up to 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream?”

Your skin is designed to be a barrier to entry so that it can function
to protect the body….if it really absorbed so much…well we would all
be dead in a pretty short space of time…whether you live in a
polluted city or the ‘naturally dangerous’ bacteria infested plant and
wild life of the bush… To understand how the skin works watch this video.

Just imagine if this marketing hyped statement were true…you
could smear your food all over your skin and not have to eat
much…(but I think you will end up hungry, smelly, and have verrrry
irritated skin). You would also be able to get drunk by pouring beer all
over your body rather than drinking it…Hopefully no one tries this
ridiculous test with their medication – because if you think your blood
pressure pills will absorb through your skin then you will be in serious
danger of creating a medical emergency for yourself…. The ultimate
proof of just how ridiculous this ‘60% statement’ is evident in skin
care marketing of ‘miracle’ and “scientifically proven” cures to aging
skin and that we can all look 20 years younger if we use their marketing
hyped product….we have all been seduced by this message…and do you
look 20 years younger yet?

For anything to be properly absorbed by the body it has to go through the digestive system and into the blood stream….that
is why very few medical solutions are in the form of a skin patch.
Patches work where the medication is encapsulated in lipid soluble
liposomes, and the skin’s barrier function is halted by the medical
solution. None of these skin patch medical solutions are for long term
use…because continual use will cause serious skin problems….

Most skin care products are derived from botanical sources…so
it is just a marketing moniker as far as Natural/Vegan/Organic
companies are concerned. Everything on this planet is a chemical except
light and electricity.  Check out the videos Chemical Vs Organic Part 1,
Part 2, and Part 3.

I have seen marketing hyped ads for sunscreens that claim they are “free of fillers and chemicals”. This kind of claim is hysterically funny! By the way, SPF claims have to be approved by the FDA…otherwise
anyone and their grandmother can formulate a product in their kitchen
and claim to have an Sun Protection Factor that no one can substantiate
or prove….. so caveat emptor (buyer beware), non scientific claims
that sound ‘natural/comforting etc’ are just that…claims. If you know
science or chemistry you can easily see how these unsubstantiated and
unethical claims are just there to separate you from your money…

scrubs (natural/vegan/organic or whatever) are bad for the skin and
should not be used. Toner’s are a waste of money – no matter how
organic/natural etc they are…

In a lot of these marketing hyped Natural/Vegan/Organic products their preservative systems are either not fully disclosed
(because it will go counter to their marketing hyped brand positioning)
or they have inadequate preservatives in their products (preservatives
are essential for all carbon-rich cosmetics unless you are happy to keep
them in a fridge or dispose of them in a month or 2). For more info on preservatives check out this video.

there are soooooo many marketing based skin care companies with soooooo
many unsubstantiated claims couched in terms that are designed to make
us feel comfortable and confident buying from them. Just because it says Natural or Organic does not mean it is appropriate for your skin…. If you are more mindful of the barrier functionality of the skin, you will feel less fearful and thus less susceptible
to these unethical marketing claims from both sides of the argument
spectrum (the ‘Natural’ guys and the ‘established mega corporations’ in
the skin care industry).

Yes there are so many epidemiological studies you hear through the media
that XYZ substances MAY cause death or cancer…well, everything on this
planet can kill us…our bodies are designed to defend us from thousands
of potential killer attacks every day of our lives….we live on this
planet so we have to deal with what ‘Mother’ Nature throws at us.
Eventually we succumb to her attacks and we die…the most inevitable
NATURAL event.

Unfortunately nothing is as simple as you want it to be…