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Overweight female teens more likely to have acne

Overweight or obesity is independently associated with a twofold increased prevalence of moderate to severe acne in adolescent girls, according to a large population-based Norwegian study. Read the article.  Is the causal relationship due to hormones? lack of physical activity? poor lifestyle choices? poor diet choices?

For more information on acne see the videos part 1 and part 2.

Myths and Facts about Water (H2O) and you, and your skin

We have all heard the mantra – drink lots of water for a healthy skin….well, not entirely true…

Check out this article on the 10 myths and facts about water.

The most important health tip for your skin is to consume 5 fruit and 5 vegetable servings every day. Mother Nature provides all the necessary antioxidants, minerals and vitamins for a healthy body and skin….and then we apply a mineral based sunscreen every day to help mitigate the damage that the sun will do to our skin….

See the entries how to get 5 vegetable servings a day and how to get 5 fruit servings each day.

Bank of America acts Humanely

Bank of America successfully implemented a year long pilot program to test PETA’s humane rodent control tips and now the company has stopped using the horribly inhumane glue traps at more than 6000 banks and 14 000 ATM facilities nationwide. This was reported at

Now if we can work on the bank charges that humans have to pay…..

Acne medical treatments = harsh products and red irritated skin

This is from a blog post at….MY COMMENTS ARE IN CAPS BELOW…

I’m an 18 year old male and pretty much the same story with acne. Started in middle school (8th grade) and just got worse and worse.

I’ve been through Tazorac, Differin, Duac, BenzaClin, Retin-A, and Fraxel Laser Treatments… Whew, has it been a long road. I’ve also tried buy Doxycycline online. THE USUAL PRESCRIPTION BASED APPROACH BY DERMATOLOGISTS.

Well, I actually achieved a near perfect state of a clear face during Tazorac, but Tazorac brought on such a horrible redness and flushing that I had to go through all those different products mentioned above. The Fraxel Laser Treatments were targeted for the pit scars that I have on my temples (the Fraxel did wonders by the way).

I’ve come to realize that I was really stupid when I used to think “Redness is a small price to pay for clear skin”. It definitely isn’t. I’ve just been really fed up with always being asked “Why are you so red?” and “Did you get a sunburn” and from occasional time to time “How much did you drink?” >.< AND THE DERMATOLOGISTS NEVER TELL YOU THIS WHEN THEY HAND YOU THE PRESCRIPTION DO THEY… UNDERSTANDING ACNE WILL HELP YOU APPROACH IT IN A WAY THAT IS EFFECTIVE AND YET NOT IRRITATING…CHECK OUT THE VIDEO ON ACNE PART 1, AND ACNE PART 2.
– – – – –

By the way, I have this weird habit where I can’t get in my bed unless I take a shower right before… So, where a lot of people take morning showers, I take night showers, and it’s kind of bad in terms of that I brush my teeth, etc. and wash my face with Cetaphile, and then take a hot shower. After the shower, my skin’s pretty dried out, so I need to moisturize, but anyhow… Just wondering if anyone else is like me ~ and if changing this might give postive effects on the skin ~ thanks! STOP USING HOT WATER ON YOUR SKIN….YOU CONTINUE TO UNBALANCE IT AFTER USING THE DETERGENT CETAPHIL CLEANSER…IF YOU CLEANSE WITH A TRULY GENTLE CLEANSER, USE COOL WATER AND ONLY MOISTURIZE WHERE YOU NEED IT….YOUR SKIN WILL FEEL AND LOOK BETTER….

Help me understand Natural Skin Care claims

This is a request from  someone in Australia about a product line only sold in Australia and New Zealand called Natural Instinct. The analysis is relevant to so many of these types of companies selling over the internet… BUYER BEWARE! Maybe I should have titled this blog entry ‘Natural skin care products – trick or treat? truth or dare?’

My Response:
‘Only too happy to help. By the by I only look at ingredients – I ignore the marketing hype…and this company (like most others) is full of it. 
First off, the skin is a barrier – it does not absorb very much…so scare tactics about ‘absorbing toxins’ are as bad as seductive marketing about looking ’20 years younger’….the skin keeps most things out…otherwise the medical world could make everything in a crème format and forget about getting people to swallow pills etc etc etc…though some medical solutions do allow absorption through the skin if liposomaly encapsulated or where the skin’s barrier function can be stopped….but if larger or controlled doses are to get into the body…it has to be digested (and then the liver filters out a lot of it so once again it can be a crap-shoot as to how much actually gets absorbed by the cells in any particular organ)… check out the following video on how the skin ACTUALLY works….

And as for their marketing hype about being pH balanced…they don’t even tell you what the pH of the product is…even if anyone out there even understood what the hell pH means…or how every organ in the body has it’s own pH range that it must work within otherwise problems ensue… I wonder if their marketing department even knows what pH means?
Most skin care products are derived from botanical sources…so it is just a marketing moniker as far as this company is concerned. As for them saying they don’t have chemicals in their products, well guess what…EVERYTHING on this planet is a chemical except light and electricity.  Check out video one, video two, and video three.
I hope you are using the cream cleanser and not the foaming cleanser (the latter is a detergent based cleanser, the former is more of a hydrophilic oil based cleanser). Check out the video on cleansers. To get the best out of the cream cleanser I highly recommend you follow the technique I suggest rather than whatever they suggest…check it out at this video.
The scrub sounds horrific and should not be used. Please check out this important information about exfoliators.
The toner is a waste of time and money…just marketing BS based on decades worth of cosmetic industry psycho-conditioning.
Moisturizer is fine…most moisturizers are exactly the same basic formulation…the extra ‘stuff’ they hype in their marketing is irrelevant to you and your skin. Check out this video on moisturizer.
Sunscreen is essential and I only recommend inorganic sunscreens…as with their one…it is 20% zinc oxide. Hopefully it is micronised and coated so that you don’t end up looking like a geisha girl. The big challenge is that their sunscreen is a moisturizer as well…and for the vast majority of people it is not correct. Sunscreen must go everywhere and moisturizer only where needed….so how do you do that when these bloody companies seem to believe that moisturizer is essential to everyones’ life on this planet? Anyway, to learn more about sun and sunscreens check out this video and this video.
Their preservative systems are either not fully disclosed (coz it will go counter to their marketing hyped brand positioning) or they have inadequate preservatives in their products (preservatives are essential for all carbon-rich cosmetics unless you are happy to keep them in a fridge or dispose of them in a month or 2). For more info on preservatives check out the video.
Hope that helps….. Unfortunately nothing is as simple as it seems…’