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An effective cure for baldness?

Male-pattern baldness may be triggered by a protein in the scalp that stops hairs from growing, according to a new study, raising the possibility that drugs that currently are being tested to block the protein also might prevent the most common cause of hair loss in men. Read the article in Medical Daily.

It is interesting that Prostaglandins are implicated in hair loss….because they are also implicated in inflammatory skin conditions like acne and rosacea. Red Meat and Dairy are known to increase prostaglandin 2 activity – so I always recommend to my acne and rosacea clients that they eliminate dairy and red meat from their diets….I have no idea how that will impact hair loss – but it is an interesting thought….. Of course the multi-billio dollar dairy industry with their huge marketing budget will continue to claim that dairy is essential for you to live on this planet – but that is just marketing hype of course…. no other animals on this planet consume ‘milk’ products after they become adults…but then they don’t have huge marketing budgets either

Shiitake mushrooms – good for your skin, your heart and your health

Chronic oxidative stress in our cardiovascular system (ongoing, oxygen-based damage to our blood vessel linings) is a critical factor in the development of clogged arteries (atherosclerosis) and other blood vessel problems. One of the best ways for us to reduce our risk of chronic oxidative stress is consumption of a diet rich in antioxidant nutrients. Shiitake mushrooms are a very good source of three key antioxidant minerals: manganese, selenium, and zinc. They also contain some unusual phytonutrient antioxidants. One of the best studied is ergothioneine (ET). This unique antioxidant is derived from the amino acid histidine, although it’s unusual since it contains a sulfur group of molecules that are not present in histidine itself. In studies on ET and our cells’ oxidative stress levels, one fascinating finding has been the special benefits of ET for cell components called mitochondria. Mitochondria use oxygen to produce energy for the cell. Heart cells have greater concentrations of mitochondria than most any other cell type in the body. For this reason, researchers believe that ET may be one of the key nutrients from shiitake mushrooms that provide us with cardiovascular support. Read the article.

Products that offer a light topical dose of ergothioneine are Cell Youth Actif and Stress Recovery Complex….providing some much needed ‘energizing’ for stressed and aging skin.

Stem Cells – a new frontier or Marketing Hype?

I do not believe that any skin care product can effectively deliver stem cells into the skin….and just as well…I would not trust anyone to mess with such a strategic aspect of my living body!

And as for the claims that plant stem cells are a good replacement for human stem cells – well – that’s not the way things work on the planet….species don’t swap DNA and stem cells naturally – so an unnatural swap of stem cells cannot lead to a good end…but then money seems to count more than brains these days when it comes to health and beauty research and the resultant highly hyped and highly priced products…

I believe there are topical ingredients that may be able to stimulate the natural enzymes in the skin that will in turn stimulate the actual stem cells found naturally in our skin. I also believe that there are topical ingredients that can stimulate the enzymes in our skin that are responsible for DNA repair in every cell. That is why I think the product Cell Youth Actif can help the skin look and act in a more youthful way…

Anyway, take the time to read the article by Rusian Semechkin Ph.D….

Anti-bacterial cleansers are not suitable for most people

Fact is that there are more bacteria cells on this planet than there are plant and animal cells…they live in us, on us, around us. Being a ‘bacteria-phobe’ is a losing battle..

Cleansing and AHA exfoliating are important ways to manage the bacteria on the skin – not with antibacterial cleansers. Most antibacterial cleansers are formulated with harsh detergents. These cleansers will strip everything off your skin and leave it squeaky clean…cool huh? NO – it’s so stupid because it is just setting the skin up to produce a whole lot more oil in a short period of time – so creating a lot of ‘fast-food’ for bacteria…. Alpha Hydroxy Acid’s that are a lower pH than the skin are naturally antibacterial – but they also do the most important job of helping to prevent dry skin from clogging up the pores…and that means fewer places for resident skin bacteria to start having big families… Being realistic about how the skin functions and what it means to be a living organism on this planet means that the mass of antibacterial products out there are hindering and not helping you….

Having a strong immune system is important – so eat 5 fruit and 5 vegetable servings everyday!

As per the attached article “When it comes to bacteria, many people have a pretty simple view: Germs are bad, and our lives should be as free of them as possible. But an alternate idea suggests just the opposite: Germs are a necessary part of a healthy immune system, helping our body’s defenses beef up and fight future illnesses. When a person’s exposure to germs is decreased, problems may arise.” Read the article.