An effective cure for baldness?

Male-pattern baldness may be triggered by a protein in the scalp that stops hairs from growing, according to a new study, raising the possibility that drugs that currently are being tested to block the protein also might prevent the most common cause of hair loss in men. Read the article in Medical Daily.

It is interesting that Prostaglandins are implicated in hair loss….because they are also implicated in inflammatory skin conditions like acne and rosacea. Red Meat and Dairy are known to increase prostaglandin 2 activity – so I always recommend to my acne and rosacea clients that they eliminate dairy and red meat from their diets….I have no idea how that will impact hair loss – but it is an interesting thought….. Of course the multi-billio dollar dairy industry with their huge marketing budget will continue to claim that dairy is essential for you to live on this planet – but that is just marketing hype of course…. no other animals on this planet consume ‘milk’ products after they become adults…but then they don’t have huge marketing budgets either

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