Versatile Langerhans Immune cells play dual roles in skin

A new study helps to resolve an ongoing controversy about whether Langerhans cells in human skin function to suppress the immune response and promote tolerance to normal human skin and its “friendly” microbial flora or mobilize a lethal attack against harmful foreign invaders.

Note that Langerhans cells are destroyed through constant sun exposure – so your skin is less able to protect your body from invasion the more you damage it with sun exposure…So Wear A Mineral Sunscreen already…

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Also note that although animals caged in the lab were subject to inhumane tests in this regard – the results once again show that animal testing very seldom shows results equivalent to human animals….so why torture and kill off innocent animals? Just for the hell of it? Animal testing must STOP. It has been proven by the FDA to be inadequate in 90% of the tests presented by drug/pharmaceutical/university torture chambers. Just claiming they have learned something kind of relevant to humans makes it OK? Yikes – how come human and humane have such similar spelling?

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