The best way to stop oily skin

1. Use a truly gentle cleanser and cleanse at night only, using cool water.
2. Do all your treatments at night – like exfoliation, hydration, repair and anti-aging.
3. Moisturize only at night – and only where you need it….where you naturally produce a lot of oil (your skin’s natural moisturizer, don’t put man-made moisturizer there (even those marketing hyped ones called ‘oil-free’).
4. In the morning splash your face with cool water – no cleansing.
5. Apply sunscreen.

So, stop using detergent cleansers – they will give you ‘squeaky-clean’ skin for about 2 hours and then your skin will naturally produce a whole lot more oil….it’s a totally natural process that detergent cleansers will just exacerbate. Detergent cleansers will be those labeled for ‘oily’ or ‘acne’ skin. See the video on ‘cleansers – do they differ and do they matter‘.

Hot water does the same thing as a detergent cleanser – it will remove the oil on your skin (your skin’s natural moisturizer), making you feel ‘squeaky and oil-free, but within 2 hours you will be oily again.

When you start using the proper types of products for your skin, you may well find that you are not as oily as you thought you were…..your skin will start balancing into it’s more ‘normal’ mode.

Those of us with truly oily skin will benefit greatly from this process. Using as few products during the day as possible will be the best thing (NEVER omit the sunscreen though)! During the day we naturally produce more oil because of a whole bunch of hormonal influences (stress, food related etc), so don’t overdo anything for your skin in the morning. If during the day you feel your skin feels dry, then the next morning add a little moisturizer and see how your skin feels that day….and so on until you find what is optimal for your skin….

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