Clarisonic type brushes are marketing hype and not better than proper cleansing

I make ‘no bones’ about it – I dislike these brushes and prefer a truly gentle hydrophilic oil based cleanser (absolutely no detergents), used properly for one and a half minutes using cool water….

They will damage the skin when used roughly – and everyone has the tendency to use ‘more strength’ to ‘force’ the brush into the skin to ‘achieve’ more exfoliation….well all you are doing is damaging and sensitizing the skin… the brushes and the scrubbing for pots and pans and floors and any inanimate objects – NOT a vital living organism called your skin (that you cannot replace as you would your messed up pots and pans)….

I love these quotes from dermatologists in the NY Times article…..

“Some people get themselves into trouble by overcleansing the skin and stripping the skin of its natural oils,” said Dr. Whitney Bowe, a clinical assistant professor of dermatology at the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center. “These brushes should not be combined with harsh cleansers and should also be limited in patients who have very sensitive and reactive skin.”

Dr. Marie-Catherine Planté, a dermatologist in Paris, called the Clarisonic a “skin torture advice” when she spoke to Garance Doré, a street-style photographer who posted part of their conversation on her blog.

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