Melanoma resistant to chemotherapy is genetic – but protection is not

Melanoma has always been difficult to control because it adapts and mutates quickly – even in the face of severe chemotherapy that usually controls and stops other forms of cancer. There are genes in Melanoma cells that tolerate damage caused by chemotherapy and thus refuse to die – and just keep on replicating – so quickly spreading cancer throughout the body. Read the article.

Melanoma is a serious skin cancer that is usually enabled by extensive sun damage over our lives – but it is not limited to older people, it afflicts many young people too…..this is the reason why mineral based sunscreens are so critical for protecting your skin and body from developing melanoma and other forms of skin cancer like basal and squamous cell carcinomas.

Apply a mineral sunscreen everyday….not just in summer or on sunny days….but every day. UV rays from the sun come through clouds, fog, windows and will impact your skin every single day of your life. Yes sun derived UV rays are good for you too…but in small doses, so the high dose rays from being out in the ‘daylight’ a lot, or, worse still – lying in a tanning bed, will increase your chances of developing dangerous skin cancers.

Cell Youth Actif has plant based enzymes that help your natural DNA repair process in your skin and thus stimulates repair after sun exposure and sun damage. A mineral sunscreen and Cell Youth Actif are a great combination for helping slow down the visible signs of aging in the skin.

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

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