Dry skin has 2 meanings

Classifying skin as ‘dry’ can be confusing because there are 2 levels of ‘dryness’ that you can experience with your skin.

Firstly, dryness relates to the amount of ‘oil’ your skin produces. The sebaceous gland produces this ‘oil’ and it is supposed to come out of the pores and cover the skin as your natural moisturizer. This stuff is good – and absolutely critical to the way your skin functions as a protective barrier for the rest of the body. If you skin produces little ‘oil’ you can be classified as having a ‘dry’ skin and you may experience more ‘tightness’ and also see a level of ‘crepey’ fine lines appear on the skin. You definitely will need to add moisturizer in order to make the skin appear more supple, hydrated and youthful. An ‘oily’ skin produces a lot of it’s own natural moisturizer and usually looks more supple and hydrated and thus does not require much in the way of man-made moisturizer to be slathered over it.

Secondly, the upper layer of the skin is naturally dry – made up of dead (keratinized) cells. It is also a way the skin is designed to protect the body. Too much keratin growth leaves your skin looking scaley and rough, and is also classified as dry. Using an effective Alpha Hydroxy Acid at a % and pH suitable for your skin’s strength will enable the removal of most of these scaley dead skin cells.

Oily skin can have dry scaley skin cells under the oil, so confusing people as to what type of skin they have….so the best way to deal with it is to exfoliate with an appropriate exfoliator and only apply moisturizer where needed.

Dry skin with dry scaley skin cells definitely needs to be exfoliated and moisturized.

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