Acutane type Vitamin A drug for adults suffering with acne?

The idea of Acutane (Isotretinoin) sends shivers up the spines of people who had really bad reactions to this chemotherapy cancer drug turned miraculous acne cure – but it is now being touted as a cure for adult acne (read the article). Stopping or reducing the production of ‘oil’ by your sebaceous glands sounds heaven-sent when you are suffering with acne blemishes all over…but the level of ‘oil’ production by the sebaceous glands of adults is a whole lot less than those of teenagers. Stress plays a far bigger role in adult acne than in teen acne (see the blog article).

The best approach from my perspective is to cleanse gently, exfoliate regularly with an appropriate AHA (the % AHA and it’s pH should vary depending on the strength and current condition of your skin – the no-pain-no-gain – theory does not work for the skin), hydrate and help your skin repair, moisturize only where needed, and wear a sunscreen every day to reduce the potential for dark spots where you had a blemish. Check out the blog entry detailing a case study of successful acne treatment.

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