Winter moisturizer and moisturizing process

For many people Winter means heating in the home and at work. Dry, warm air indoors combined with dry, cold air outdoors, will inevitably result in tight, dehydrated, and at times flakey skin. The best way to approach Winter skin dryness is the same way you approach Winter clothing – LAYERS!

Firstly, use a hydration serum that will bind water in the skin, so helping your skin retain water and remain more hydrated. The onslaught of dry heat will dry your skin out the way that you can dry your washing indoors in Winter…. Great hydration gels are Hydrate + Serum, Hale Dermist M3 HA, or aloCell Gel.

Secondly, apply a moisturizer that is suitable to your skin type. For dry skin, make your moisturizer a richer one, with shea butter and rich lipids like the Rich + Calm Cream or Skin Renu Wrinkle Reducing Formula for Face and Neck. For combination or oily skin types use a light moisturizer that does not feel thick and greasy on the skin, like Light + Calm Lotion or Skin Renu Advanced Bruise Prevention Formula (don’t worry about the funky name – the ingredients make it a wonderful light moisturizer for face and body).

Thirdly, LAYER your moisturizer. Use your normal quantity of moisturizer on your face and neck, let it absorb for a minute or so, then ADD a second layer of the normal quantity that you use, and apply especially to the areas that need more moisturizing, skipping over the areas where you tend to be more oily. This way you will get the added moisturizing benefit without feeling like you have a thick layer of goop on your face. When you try and apply double the normal amount in one layer you just end up wiping the excess off on your hands and arms and chest etc…so you probably feel that even though you are applying more, there is no change in the level of dryness of the skin.

Of course, if you use a detergent cleanser or use hot water on your face, you are just drying it out and making the dryness of Winter weather even more exaggerated. Use non detergent cleansers like Extreme + Sensitive Cleanser or Dr Schwab Sensitive Cleanser, and use only cool water when you cleanse.

Spring and Summer will soon be here and you can start reducing the amount of layering you do with skin care products and clothing

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

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