Oxygen skin care – a lot of marketing hype and BS…

This kind of article is so annoyingly bad….it hypes the marketing BS from cosmetic companies and plays down the real medical and scientific facts. There are a few lines allocated to medical practitioners who debunk this stupid product notion, but the majority of the article is concentrated on giving air to total marketing BS…

Oxygen is a gas – it cannot be transferred into your skin from some liquid cosmetic formula in a bottle or jar. One the jar or bottle is opened the gas will escape – just a basic law of nature!

Your skin does not breathe – you breathe by way of your lungs and diaphragm. Maybe some of these people making stupid comments in the article can run a test for themselves – stop breathing through the mouth and nose and wait for the skin to take over….sadly it won’t, so death will quickly embrace them

Free oxygen is a danger to the body – that is why oxygen is not able to flow throughout your body – it is tightly contained by haemoglobin in the blood as it leaves the lungs and is transported to the cells where it is used to create energy by the breakdown of glucose molecules. Free oxygen can turn into free radicals. Even with the elaborate oxygen control system in our body enough free radicals are created throughout the body every day to ensure the aging process happens. That is why your body creates antioxidants, plus the antioxidants we consume in fruit and vegetables, in order to slow down the aging process caused by free radicals. Free radical damage will win in the end – and that is what is commonly know as death…. We have a love-hate relationship with oxygen. Oxygen fairy stories do not equate to reality. The reason why we have topical antioxidants like C + Renew Serum and Triple C + E Complex is because we are trying to slow down the aging process of the skin caused by oxygen free radicals….

Hydrogen peroxide is known as an anti bacterial – but it also increases oxygen free radicals. It is seldom used in medical practice any more because of that.

Stupid comments by people who have a title behind their name:
The funniest parts of the article are stupid comments made by senior representatives in these cosmetic companies… like… “As we age, the oxygen in our body is depleted, which results in lifeless skin,” said Michael Ann Guthrie, vice president for retail for Natura Bissé” Oh please!!!! Oxygen is depleted only if you don’t breathe – in which case your skin is not the only organ that will become lifeless… And another stupid comment…Susan Grey, regional vice president of spa operations for New York Bliss Spas states “Oxygen increases circulation, which increases the delivery of nutrition to the skin, and gives your skin energy,” … And, she said that as oxygen travels through the body, the skin is the last to receive it. “By time it gets there,” she added, “it’s a little tired.” Now how is that for a complete lack of knowledge on physiology and the functioning of the body!!!! That must mean that your fingers and toes will never be able to function properly because every element will be ‘too exhausted’ by the time it gets there. The article is full of stupid non scientific marketing BS….

The most sane quote is from Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, a facial plastic surgeon and the director of advanced facial aesthetics in Chestnut Hill, Mass… “We also get enough oxygen to our skin by having healthy lungs and not smoking.” Thank heavens for a reality check! If you are a couch potato and do not exercise in any way, you will have a serious lack of oxygen in your body and it won’t just be your skin that will suffer – your brain will too….maybe that’s what’s affecting the people in these cosmetic companies and the beauty editors who communicate this BS as news…..now if this article was in the comedy section I would see it as absolutely great journalism

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