Resveratrol anti aging hype yet again

We all love the media hyped stories about anti aging ‘miracles’ that make some companies a lot of money, but leave all of us disappointed (and poorer). Resveratrol baths are the new money spinning marketing hype….check out the article.

Understanding that the skin does not absorb everything you put on it, quickly negates this latest resveratrol hype. Swimming in a bath of red wine and only the resveratrol is miraculously absorbed by the skin….nothing else in the bath of red wine gets absorbed? Not the alcohol? Wow, isn’t it a pity that you can’t get exercise swimming while absorbing alcohol… So here’s the thing….if your skin absorbs everything you put on it, why not mix all your food in a blender and smear it on your skin? Saves having to spend time eating it. And maybe ask your doctor if he/she thinks it’s OK to crush your medication into your moisturizer and smear it on your skin rather than popping pills? Yes it all sounds that crazy when you find out that the skin is designed to keep stuff out….not let it all in….

So after you have irritated your skin with all this marketing schmear, what are you to do with red and sensitive skin? You will need to nurse the skin back to a balanced, healthy and less sensitive state. Check out the intelligent skin care at Sensitive Skin Clinic.

Apart from the article being a joke, I find it very sad when I read about the ‘exciting’ animal studies that prove their point…. Hundreds of thousands of animals live brief, tormented lives at the hands of these researchers so that some company can make a profit by supposedly proving to us that we will look 20yrs younger after using their exotic marketing schmear.

Keep the schmear and the seductive lies, just leave poor defenseless animals alone to live their natural lives….just because we human’s don’t want to live our lives in a natural manner, it does not mean that we should force it upon defenseless animals locked in cages in a lab staffed by inhumane humans…

A strong, balanced skin will take care of itself and by using a mineral sunscreen you will have a reduction in the aging effects of the sun (while you live on this planet).

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