Is acne skin sensitive skin?

Simply put – the answer is YES. Any inflammatory disorder describes a skin that has redness, irritation, inflammation, discomfort, pain, dryness, tightness….. So if your skin exhibits any of these conditions, due to acne, allergies, rosacea, or just unbalanced and sensitive skin, then the approach should be the same…TREAT IT SENSITIVELY!

Any level of redness, irritation and inflammation requires gentle, soothing, cooling treatments. Harsh acne treatments (detergents cleansers, astringent toners and anti bacterial extracts, irritating benzoyl peroxide, and inflammation enhancing hot water) will increase the sensitivity of the acne skin.

Use a truly gentle cleanser and always use cool water, hydrate the skin to help it repair, for severe acne cases use an intensive skin repair treatment, use a soothing and hydrating mask, apply an antibacterial colloidal sulphur to the pimples, use a light lotion moisturizer (only where needed), and always use a mineral sunscreen because they are non-irritating (except for people who have severe allergies).

In many cases, dry skin is helping clog the pores and enable the development of bacteria infected pimples, so exfoliation is important. Exfoliation does NOT mean a scrub! An Alpha or Beta Hydroxy Acid is the best way to exfoliate, but you may need to start gently, get the skin stronger and more balanced, and then use a stronger exfoliator. Exfoliation depends on the condition your skin is in, and ‘stronger’ does not mean ‘better’… Exfoliation should take place at night after cleansing.

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The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.  

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