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Vampire Face Lift – no brains needed, just money!

Please read this article from Beauty for the Critical Mind….it positions the whole vampire facial so well….and seriously….no brain power is required, just money! If you are remotely intelligent you will turn your back on this kind of thing….but hey….there are many people with lots of money and no brains out there….and as for following what the K’s and other celebrities do, well, enjoy the stupid ride..

For the rest of us intelligent people who understand what living on this planet is all about…we’ll wear a mineral sunscreen everyday, laugh and smile, enjoy our lives, and not focus on being an unhappy, insecure, plastic semblances of a human…

It’s a great pity that so many confined lab animals had to be tortured and killed in testing this stupid procedure for the sake of very wealthy inhuman’s.

BB and BS creams revisited

Many people become passionate about their brands of BB creams – and if it is all about what makes you feel good about yourself, that’s fine….but understand that BB actually should be BS because most of the marketing hype around them is bullsht….

Check out Robyn’s article (she is so accurate in her assessments and has a lovely dry sense of humour and you may want to subscribe to her blog…) and the article I wrote in April 2013.

As I have always said, do whatever you want to your skin….but by being informed you can set realistic expectations, and hopefully reduce some potential harm…

Tanning and brown spots. There is a link!

Here is a great article on how tanning happens…and based in the level of damage that is done to the melanocytes in your skin every time you tan, your potential for developing brown spots/sun spots/age spots increases.

Essential fact #1: You can reduce your potential for skin damage and skin aging (wrinkles and brown spots) by wearing a mineral sunscreen every day, and by purposefully not tanning your skin.

Essential fact #2: Trying to reduce the effects of youthful decadence (aka willful and inadvertent sun tanning) takes a lot of work and/or a lot of money….like applying skin lightening creams (hydroquinone/retinol/Retin-A etc) on a nightly basis, or lifting pigmentation by way of exfoliating with an Alpha Hydroxy Acid on a nightly basis, or through a series of laser treatments at a doctors office. Please note that I will NEVER include microdermabrasion and manual scrubs in any discussion of exfoliation – please, do not use them…ever!

Essential fact #3: It is very hard to lift pigmentation from skin that is sensitive. Many of the skin-lightening remedies in #2 above will actually produce red, irritated, uncomfortable, painful, sensitive skin in the process….so the net result of reducing brown spots is red skin….this is NOT a good tradeoff…. For sensitive skin, use a very mild AHA exfoliator like Gentle+Exfoliate Gel and always use C+Renew day and night on sun damaged/hyperpigmented skin….and be patient….and set realistic expectations over a longer period of time…

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

Sunscreen is the basis of anti aging skin care

The number 1 skin aging factor on this planet is the sun. Like it or not….it is a fact!

Ground zero for anti aging skin care is therefore an effective sunscreen!

Here is an interesting report on research that shows almost a quarter of the signs of skin aging can be eliminated by simply applying a sunscreen every day. I am unsure as to how much sunscreen was applied by each person during the study, but here is an article on how much the FDA recommends be applied

You can also check out a video on the facts about sun and skin damage, as well as a video about the myths associated with using sunscreen.

Do not apply just any-old-sunscreen….make sure it is a mineral sunscreen – because mineral sunscreens are best for protecting your skin from sun related aging, and they are essential for anyone with any level of sensitive skin.

I also find it interesting that the research article also measured the effects of sunscreen PLUS an antioxidant. The sun enables most of the free radicals that damage (and age) our skin on a daily basis, so antioxidants are essential to helping the skin stay more youthful (in appearance and activity). The most important antioxidants are manufactured in your body, and also from those that come from the food you consume…so do yourself and your skin a favour…eat 5 fruit and 5 vegetable servings every day….AND wear a mineral sunscreen every day…. As we age, we may need to assist the antioxidants in our body by applying an antioxidant like Triple C+E or C+Renew topically each morning.

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

Sunscreen is NOT optional

Sunscreen is an absolute essential part of skin care. Yes, there still are people who claim sunscreen will give you cancer….so NOT using sunscreen will prevent cancer??????? YIKES…that is totally idiotic!

Having not used effective sunscreen most of my life, and having a big chunk of melanoma removed from my face, all I can say is ‘SUNSCREEN IS NOT OPTIONAL!’. It does not secure you against future skin cancers by any stretch of the imagination, but it is totally not worth taking the risk…..

Yes, my clients will tell you that I am a Sunscreen fascist….but I wish I had someone like me to dictate the use of sunscreen when I was younger…. AND, it’s not just any sunscreen… it MUST BE A MINERAL SUNSCREEN….like mineral sunscreen SPF 35 and mineral sunscreen SPF 40. It must be applied EVERY DAY regardless of whether it is Summer or Winter, regardless of whether it is sunny, cloudy, foggy or raining….UVA will get you regardless of the weather – just as long as there is daylight outside….

The good thing about mineral sunscreens is that they are great for sensitive skin types. Organic based sunscreen ingredients (all the non-mineral sunscreen ingredients) can irritate the skin when they break down in the presence of UV light from the sun (read that as ANY kind of day light)!

And tanning beds are really stupid – not safe and not recommended. Dermatologists have warned against them for decades…check out this article if you want more reading material.

The sun will definitely age your skin….so sunscreen is the first step in ‘antiaging’ skin care.

The sun is the greatest enabler of skin cancer – the #1 cancer in the USA, and sunscreen will reduce your chances of being just another skin cancer statistic.

Just get a good mineral sunscreen and wear it! ‘Nuff said!

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.