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Wrinkles or Alzheimer’s?

Our bodies require a multitude of vitamins and minerals in order to grow, function properly, stay healthy and youthful…and these minerals and vitamins also help reduce visible aging in terms of wrinkles….but what happens when we over dose on certain minerals? It derails the delicate balance of our body and it’s working mechanisms. Knocking your body off balance, even if only slightly, can have long term effects…that may not be worth the short term effects of firmer, younger looking skin….

According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (Summer 2013 Good Medicine P15), they would like to ban multivitamins containing iron or copper.  “In research studies, ingestion of copper and iron in even slightly elevated quantities is associated with increased risk of cognitive problems….Given that nearly half of Americans develop Alzheimer’s disease by age 85, we need to urge consumers to err on the side of caution.”

The trace amounts of copper and iron that our body needs for health is obtained through eating healthy fruit and vegetables….too much is a bad thing…and too much ‘free’ (non peptide bound) copper can increase the oxidation promoting release of iron….and this  oxidation is a bad thing relative to Alzheimer’s.

Copper (safely attached to peptides) are required in the body to synthesize collagen – and medically it has been used to increase the speed of wound healing in severe cases….and it is unlikely that ‘free’ copper absorbed through supplements will increase collagen development in your skin.

Other (safer) ways of increasing collagen and elastin development in the skin can be achieved through esterized Vitamin C like C + Renew Serum, or stem cell activating Cell youth Actif. Always wear a mineral sunscreen to protect your collagen and elastin from the damaging rays from the sun.

You need all the vitamins and minerals that Mother Nature gives us in fruit and vegetables….so eat 5 fruit servings and 5 vegetable servings every day! This must be the 1 millionth time I have stated this in my blog… Yes, fast food/junk food/processed food is cheap and easy….and there lies your clue…cheap and easy means non nutritional and unhealthy…unless you really insist on believing the marketing BS from the fast food/junk food/processed food marketing people who work for large corporations. If they believe their own BS – well then let them eat it! You must eat fruit (make a non-dairy fruit smoothie in the A.M.) and eat vegetables (raw vegetables are best, so try juicing them in the P.M.)…and throw in some nuts and grains….but please make them organic….and not any GMO stuff! Check out this video on GMO if you’re not sure what I mean….and here is a video that discusses the term organic….

For a list of some common multivitamins that provide overdoses of copper and iron, as well as the names of some that don’t, see this article at

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

Desperate celebrity treatments will also give you sensitive skin

There is an unintelligible fascination with what desperate celebrities do to themselves and their skin in order to achieve a favourable media impression at a ‘celebrity’ event. All these celebrity treatments have the potential to deliver very sensitive skin…so does that make those huge price tag treatments a bargain?

Laser treatments, cortisone, thermage (cooking the skin), excessive intravenous delivery of excessive amounts of multivitamins…they can all unbalance the skin (and the body). But hey, everyone dreams of having enough money so they can do a desperate and dramatic quick-fix to an aging problem rather than the boring day-to-day taking care of yourself and your skin….(like eating 5 fruit and vegetable servings each day and wearing a mineral sunscreen every day)…..

So my advice to these celebrities, and others who choose to copy-cat them, is to stock up on products that will soothe the sensitive skin and try and strengthen it, and so try and achieve some sort of balance again. Makeup and airbrushing of photos can make these celebrity-treatment-victims look fabulous on occasion….but then go look at those published photos that show how bad celebrities look the rest of the time

Check out the slide show….these hottest treatments were, of course, compiled without due investigation into the side effects/after effects…. And if you believe in cruelty free and organic skin care, then these treatments definitely won’t be of interest to you….because they are neither!

Oily skin in the morning? What to do

You wake up and your skin is oily – you hate it – what to do?

1) Do not use hot water and detergent cleanser (and definitely NOT that oily-skin-cleanser or acne-skin-cleanser). If you do, the initial feeling of squeaky-clean, non-oily skin will be replaced with very oily skin again within 2 hours….because that’s just the way the skin works… So, just splash the face with cool water and for most people that is enough. Do not stick your face into the steaming hot shower water (which is of course bad for the skin on the rest of your body ) Use your gentle cleanser only at night. Type 4 teenage acne sufferers may cleanse in the morning and evening with a truly gentle cleanser (no detergents, no hot water)… If you have sensitive AND oily skin – you DEFINITELY CANNOT use hot water and detergent cleansers… See the Extreme + Sensitive cleanser as well as Skin Tips for Sensitive Skin.

2. Do not apply moisturizer all over – just where you need it, and apply less in the morning than you apply at night. See the video moisturize: yes or no.

3. Use a mineral sunscreen – not a moisturizer/sunscreen combination. Saving time by using a 2-in-1 product will just make you oily again.

You will be less oily during the day – but if you are a big-time-oil-producer…so get used to the idea of some oil, but not lots of oil. Blotting excess oil with tissues is fine.

By the by, it’s commonly called ‘oil’ but it’s not oil – the sebaceous secretions are actually a fat. See the video how the skin works.

Why does the skin feel extra oily on a hot day?
Because fat will change its viscosity in heat. Think of butter – it is a solid fat, but will melt in heat and appear runny – like ‘oil’ – but it is just melted/runny fat! You are not producing more oil on a hot day. It just feels that way. Blot excess oil with tissues.

Oily skin is not gross, it is part of the wonderfully intricate engineering of the human body. Like it or not, that is the way your skin works. If you resist the temptation to try and stop it from functioning naturally (as per the marketing hype and lies of the skin care product industry), it will settle down and just be ‘normal’. Normal refers to what is normal for you – not what is normal for someone else. So there is no general definition of normal skin….it is a stupid marketing term that you should delete from your memory!

Pre-teen acne increasing…solutions need to be gentle

In this great article, a dermatology professor in Australia is very clear in his opinion that adult solutions like antibiotics, acutane and other drugs and harsh products should not be used on pre-teens. Their skin and body can be adversely affected by severe medical treatments. As he says, using a gentle cleanser and no scrubs is just as critical….and yet so many cosmetic companies (medical and non-medical) will tell parents to buy a detergent/Salicylic acid cleanser with a scrub as an exfoliator…. BAD, BAD, BAD….

The best approach is to teach the child to use a truly gentle cleanser using COOL water, NOT HOT, a very mild exfoliator like Clear Skin Ultra Gel or Gentle + Exfoliate Gel, and spot treat with a colloidal sulfur solution (sulfur is anti-bacterial as well as having repairing qualities for the skin)… To find out more about acne, watch this video.

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.