Desperate celebrity treatments will also give you sensitive skin

There is an unintelligible fascination with what desperate celebrities do to themselves and their skin in order to achieve a favourable media impression at a ‘celebrity’ event. All these celebrity treatments have the potential to deliver very sensitive skin…so does that make those huge price tag treatments a bargain?

Laser treatments, cortisone, thermage (cooking the skin), excessive intravenous delivery of excessive amounts of multivitamins…they can all unbalance the skin (and the body). But hey, everyone dreams of having enough money so they can do a desperate and dramatic quick-fix to an aging problem rather than the boring day-to-day taking care of yourself and your skin….(like eating 5 fruit and vegetable servings each day and wearing a mineral sunscreen every day)…..

So my advice to these celebrities, and others who choose to copy-cat them, is to stock up on products that will soothe the sensitive skin and try and strengthen it, and so try and achieve some sort of balance again. Makeup and airbrushing of photos can make these celebrity-treatment-victims look fabulous on occasion….but then go look at those published photos that show how bad celebrities look the rest of the time

Check out the slide show….these hottest treatments were, of course, compiled without due investigation into the side effects/after effects…. And if you believe in cruelty free and organic skin care, then these treatments definitely won’t be of interest to you….because they are neither!

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