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Your jar of moisturizer can be dangerous for sensitive skin

For decades, the skin care industry has used jars as containers for all types of skin care products. They are cheap, easy to fill during the production process, and potentially very dangerous for sensitive skin….

As soon as you take off the lid, you are letting air affect the cream in the jar. Most ingredients in skin care products are plant based (known as organic, because they are primarily carbon, and carbon is the basis of all life on this planet), so they can be easily oxidized (because we have oxygen in the air all the time)! Oxidized ingredients can be very irritating and can worsen sensitive skin conditions as well as other skin conditions like acne.

Apart from oxidation, a jar of moisturizer means you can dip your fingers into it in order to get product on your face. How bacteria or fungus free are your fingers? Where had they been just prior to dipping them in the moisturizer? You can transfer bacteria and fungus from 1 jar of moisturizer or cream to another by way of your fingers.

To counteract these potential dangers, the skin care product will contain preservatives and anti oxidants. The more potential the product has to be ‘infected’ the more preservatives will be in the product. Preservatives are naturally very irritating and damaging for sensitive skin, especially in higher quantities. To learn more about preservatives in skin care, watch this video. All skin care products, no matter how natural and organic they claim to be, will have to contain preservatives and antioxidants….because no one will buy a product that will go ‘bad’ quickly (much like fresh fruit and vegetables will). Very often, the antioxidant ingredients in a product are not for the benefit of your skin, they are for the benefit of the product itself, to stop it oxidizing too quickly.

The best solution for sensitive skin is to use ‘airless pumps’. These containers don’t allow air to enter as you dispense the product from the container (so reducing the requirement for antioxidant ingredients in high quantities). The pump will also prevent you from ‘unknowingly’ contaminating your product with bacterium and fungus (so reducing the need for anti-microbe preservatives in high quantities).

Read more about Smart Packaging using opaque airless pumps – an essential part of taking care of your sensitive skin.

Another way to protect your products is to keep them in a cool location, like your fridge…but that is not very convenient for most people….so to keep them in your bathroom, make sure they are in airless pumps, or bottles with flip caps, or tubes, but definitely not in jars!

Aging graciously without cosmetic surgery – the Sharon Stone way

Evidently, the iconic Sharon Stone refuses to have cosmetic surgery….and she is ‘proof’ that aging can happen graciously (and with a fair amount of effort). Living on this planet means that aging will happen whether you like it or not, so try and get on the right side of the equation, especially when we are in our teens and twenties….but it is never too late to reduce the speed at which aging happens in the skin…

Some of the ways to age graciously, without resorting to cosmetic surgery, are:

1. Eat a healthy diet (5 organic fruit and 5 organic vegetable servings every day, and NO fast food).
2. Exercise regularly (minimum 3 x /week) – maintain muscle tone and a good cardiovascular system (most gym’s have personal trainers who can help you set your goals into actions).
3. Treat your skin sensitively, no aggressive, irritating and bad ingredients in your products. An aggressive anti-aging routine will reduce the strength of the skin’s barrier and thus increase the potential to have sensitive/red skin. Avoid the 12 worst things for sensitive skin.
4. Wear a mineral sunscreen every single day….the sun is the #1 skin aging factor (even incidental sun when you walk to the stores, drive in your car, sit near a window etc)… There are many myths associated with sunscreen…so don’t be suckered into believing uneducated internet hysteria…
5. Try C + Renew to stimulate collagen and elastin development, as well as provide strong antioxidant (anti-free radical) properties because it is an esterized form of Vitamin C so has greater potential for skin penetration than any other type of Vitamin C serum. Other anti-aging topicals can be Hydrate + Serum to retain cell-hydrating water in the skin, or Cell Youth Actif to stimulate stem cell activity and DNA repair.

Here is the article about Sharon Stone and her secrets to aging well without cosmetic surgery (and yes, she started off with a great genetic foundation…).

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

Am I really that bad?

Here is a review about me, posted on Yelp, for my 57 West Portal Ave location…it may not stay up very long as Yelp is really good about uncovering fake reviewers and hiding their review (unfortunately some real reviewers get profiled as fake too…but that seems to be the way the Yelp filter-machine works)….anyway, I am really happy that all my reviews in all the years I have been practicing as a professional esthetician have been very positive….and I am grateful for all those who write about their experience at Blue Turtle Spa.

Monica W. San Francisco, CA. 1 Star Review 7/30/2013 “Don’t waste your time or precious money. I paid $95 just for him to
slap some things on my face and tell me how awful the skin care industry
is (don’t you think I already know that?). Also, he was not shy about
being condescending about the products I was already using, which I
figured would come with the consultation anyway, but anytime I asked him
what products he would suggest instead, he just gave me roundabout
answers or told me, “Oh these are hard to find anyway.” Basically, “a
good luck with that” kind of answer. Anytime I would ask him a question,
he would say, “Just look at my website. Do your research.” What kind of
customer service is that? Also, his approach to skin care and buying
skin care products just felt like, “Oh if you don’t have a lot of money,
well, sucks for you.” I honestly chose him based off of the reviews and
how much people praised him for being knowledgeable about what works
and what doesn’t in regard to taking care of your skin, but I must say
that I am severely disappointed. I have never felt so jipped leaving a
salon or spa in my life, ever. Next time I’ll be sure to go somewhere

I keep records of every client that has been to my spa and had a treatment with me….and I have no record of this person at all…. my feeling is that this review is from a competitor of mine who is trying to turn people off me….but all round it is a fake review and just a nasty, unhappy person…

Am I really that bad? I know I can go waaaaay overboard on the science side of skin care (and I always invite clients to slap me if they want to stop me but I doubt that anyone can claim that I am vague and not prepared to divulge important scientific facts as regards effective skin care…

I had planned to publicly respond to her review as follows:

“I am sorry you did not like my scientific style of skin care. I would issue a full refund for the $95 you paid for your service if I knew who you were as your name does not match any of my client records.  It would not be right for me to receive remuneration for the facial nor my time when you received no value from either. The resources that I make available to everyone from my website are there to assist you to make an informed decision about the products you wish to use on your skin. I have researched, tested, and used some products in my treatments, but I never push my views or products on anyone. Unfortunately, as a small business, I do not have the resources to research and test all the products from Walgreens/Costco/Safeway or any other retail establishment, so I cannot offer a shopping list at the end of a treatment. I do not believe the marketing BS about products from companies in my industry and that is why I refer to the ingredients in the products because the chemistry of your skin needs to match the chemistry of a product. I wish you all the best in your search for happiness and the ultimate facial experience.”

In the end I decided to leave it without the dignity of a response, as that would make a fake review appear to be real…. I am just relying on the intelligence of potential clients to see through the obvious nastiness of this reviewer, and maybe laugh about the fact that the reviewer must have gone somewhere else and been confused as to where she was, and then posted a review on the wrong business

If you want to know why you really won’t like me, try checking out this video