Safeguard your bacteria for skin and body health

It has been postulated, and semi-proven, that bacteria can make us very healthy….the right bacteria that is.

In this news article, they are looking at how the wrong bacteria in your digestive system can actually lead to obesity, whereas the right bacteria will keep you lean….. Simple right!

Well it can be simple if we encourage the right bacteria by eating the right kind of food in the first place! Processed food and junk food (both of which are the majority in the American diet) will definitely feed and encourage the bad bacteria. So bad diet = bad bacteria = bad health! Bad health often leads to bad skin. Bad skin could mean Acne, or Rosacea, or overall Sensitive Skin.

Fighting bacteria all the time leads to a weakened system,
and people who use antibiotics and antibiotic creams on their skin will
not have a long term solution to their skin problems
. So many clients
are put on antibiotics and antibiotic creams by medical professionals
only to find out that the results were exceptionally short lived and the
bacteria became resistant to the drugs. Sound familiar?

I prefer to treat the skin gently and sensitively, and address all the factors that impact a skin disorder like acne. See the 2 part video for more information on how to deal with acne.

I believe that eating properly will also help deal with acne by improving conditions for your good bacteria. See my previous article on safeguarding your microbiome – because we are all just one big mass of bacterial cells…and not many human cells at all…

You can read the article here learn more about using bacteria to resolve some health issues. I am absolutely against using defenseless animals in tests like the one described in this article. If you don’t have willing humans to test on, then don’t do it. Test results on animals seldom translate into humans (a fact admitted by the FDA), so is it just about making money/raising money/getting fame and glory that these scientists conduct this type of inhumane treatment of animals?

And of course they want to turn this research into a ‘pill’ – one that big Pharma will sell and make millions on… However, simply eating properly costs a lot less – but it appears to never be talked about… probably because simply eating real fruit and vegetables does not make any money for big Pharma…the usual story in American society!

Fruit and vegetables will encourage the good bacteria. Simple! But our society does not believe in simple…it prefers to allow marketing companies to warp our minds with ‘quick and easy’, ‘saving you time’ processed food that basically lies about it’s health benefits…. It appears that lies are tasty!

I really recommend that you review a great documentary Forks Over Knives to help make more informed decisions about how you want to live your life.

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

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