Great advances in skin care for anti aging – what’s the cost?

How often does the media inform us of great ‘advances’ that show how science can make us look younger, feel better, cure major illnesses? They excitedly tell us that animal test show how the animal was cured of a disease, or was made to live longer etc. The media fails to inform us that thousands of animals died painful deaths leading up to the final conclusions, and they fail to tell us that the ‘successful’ animal was killed off after the experiment was over.

Why does humanity think it’s ok to test cosmetics and drugs on animals? Is it ok to torture and kill animals in order discover new ways to make us look and feel younger? or to save human lives? or to extend the life span of humans? It’s a real ethical question eh? And when you discover how much these animals know and can experience – would you feel comfortable supporting companies, universities, and all the individuals involved in conducting tests on caged animals stored in laboratory settings? Please read this wonderful WSJ article about the brains of the animal kingdom. To learn more about animal testing, see this video.

By living on this planet, we have to accept the fact that all the natural elements and chemicals around us are designed to kill us off….and maintain a balance. Is ‘balance’ really what humanity is about?

By keeping your skin in balance with soothing, calming skin care products that are not tested on animals, it can be a precursor to developing a balance in our health, our social and business life, our community, our planet, and the care of all life forms that inhabit it with us….

It is a dream that I want to believe in…

By the by, all ‘FDA Approved’ drugs, treatments, medical devices, have all been tested on animals. All anti aging treatments at the MedSpa/Dermatologist Spa/Doctor’s office, have been tested on animals.

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