Toners for sensitive skin – or any skin type for that matter!

A question from a client:
Was wondering if you have a plant based/essence toner???

Answer from me:
Toners do nothing for the skin. They don’t tone the skin – most are just water with plant extracts and essences in them. If you have any with alcohol in them (like Clinique toners) please throw it away…it is horrific and totally bad for every skin type.

Water does not penetrate the skin because of the skin’s natural lipid barrier. If you really want a cooling spritzer for your face, you can make up one with distilled water and rose petal extract and spritz your face with it. Water on the skin does nothing other than moisten the outside and cool the skin down – and there is no harm in that – but it is a waste of money to pay for something like that. If you want to really hydrate the skin, use a hydration gel like hydrate+serum. It binds water to itself within the skin – and that is where the value of hydration can be realized.

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