Skin Care with vitamins and supplements

A question from a client:
I know you believe in feeding your body the best foods possible and avoiding processed and junk foods (as do I) but do you think it is also beneficial to add any supplements or vitamins in addition to a healthy diet?

Answer from me:
The multivitamin and supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. One of the reasons for their success is because they market fear and hope the same way the skin care industry does (politicians are experts at this too – so this is not an esteemed group to be part of)….. If you were to have 5 fresh fruit and 5 fresh vegetable servings every day, and have no genetic disorders that create deficiencies, then you will have all the minerals and vitamins your body needs.

Supplements can HELP give you good skin. However they are not a skin care treatment. If you don’t eat properly you will NOT have great skin. Supplements do not replace the fruit and vegetables – they are just incremental supplementation to the fresh fruit and vegetables you should be consuming on a daily basis.. Supplements should never be relied upon. Yes they will assist ‘brain-challenged’ people who live on junk food/processed food…..because ANYTHING can only be positive in their nutrition deprived system….

By the by, supplements are extensively tested on caged/trapped animals in laboratories – just because it appears to be natural does not mean it is cruelty free!

For most of us, supplements tend to be a security blanket – because we fear what may happen if we don’t take them. However, try consuming 5 fresh fruit and 5 fresh vegetable servings every day and see if you don’t actually feel better than when you throw all those pills down your throat. Keeping your body well balanced and healthy with the right kinds of food (and zero of the wrong types of food) will result in better skin…

It is important to note that ‘fat-soluble’ vitamins A,D,E,K can be stored in the body – and this is NOT always a good thing….over-dosing is part of our societal norm, but for the body it is a bad thing. Our society thinks that if a little is good, then a whole lot more must be better! The body just needs the amount that it needs – and no more…..because more can be bad! For more info, check out this article on MedicineNet. There are many research articles on the web that clearly show that excess quantities of vitamins and minerals consumed can be really bad for you…

The latest fad is Vitamin K  – check out the article why are people buying Vitamin K supplements? It’s supposed to help with bone development, blood clotting, reducing visible blood vessels and dark circles……(it definitely does not do the latter 2), but it is important to note that excess vitamin K, like anything natural or synthetic, can be dangerous….especially for people with heart conditions.

As stated in the BBC article above, the NHS says people should be able to get all they need by eating a varied and balanced diet, with any not needed immediately stored in the liver for future use. It cites green leafy vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, vegetable oils and cereals as good sources of Vitamin K. Small amounts can also be found in meat such as chicken and dairy foods. The NHS also advises that taking too many Vitamin K supplements might be harmful….

And then there are the media hyped articles about how iron and copper will increase collagen and elastin development – so reducing wrinkles……BUT, as usual, too much of a good things creates great potential for bad things to happen in your body….. Check out the blog entry on Wrinkles vs Alzheimers.

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

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