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Antibacterial soap, Multivitamins, Colds and Flu, Dairy Issues – do you believe it?

We all grew up with certain beliefs – mostly imposed by mom or dad or others in our community….these are known as ‘common beliefs’.

So, how well substantiated are common beliefs? Answer….not very well…

Check out this article about the common beliefs regarding multivitamins, how you get colds and flu, dairy issues etc. I recently wrote about the multivitamin myth regards to skin care in this blog entry. As we move beyond 35 years of age, it is often beneficial to the skin to apply vitamins as antioxidants (like C + Renew or Triple C + E Complex) but they are not replacements for the antioxidants in the fruit and vegetables you should be consuming…

The one item in the ‘common beliefs’ list I can attest to is that dairy consumed while you have flu or a cold will definitely increase the thickness of mucus you produce….but it is not responsible for mucus production…that comes naturally with the cold and flu reaction your body creates. Try not having any dairy (aka ZERO) while you have a cold or flu and you will find your mucus is thinner – and not as congestive as usual….

However, for skin care, if you have problem skin like acne, rosacea, dermatitis, sensitive skin, dairy is totally going to worsen the condition. As adults, we do NOT need dairy – despite the claims from the multi-billion $ dairy industry that you will ‘die-unless-you-drink-milk’…. marketing hype is a way of life in our society but it should be ignored most of the time! For more information on dairy and acne, check out the Clear Skin Diet by Logan and Treloar.

A ‘common’ or ‘logical’approach to skin care and health is to just eat a healthy diet (5 fruit and 5 vegetables servings every day, no processed or junk food), exercise, and be gentle with your skin…treat it sensitively and understand the BEST things and WORST things to do for your skin…. Basically, I would like EVERYONE to believe that they have sensitive skin, because that way you won’t be tempted to damage it or unbalance it with all those marketing hyped natural/antiaging/magical products…

And please STOP using antibacterial soaps – they are BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT and they WILL MESS UP YOUR SKIN… Bacteria are essential for life on this planet…so stop being a bacteria-phobe…learning more about bacteria and their positive effect upon our lives is a very interesting focus of attention for medical research. There is a new documentary called Resistance being made about this topic…check out the trailer here

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

Would you prefer drunken elephant droppings on your face or Sensitive Skin Clinic products?

Question from a client:
I was playing around on the Internet, looking up and reading about new and various skincare products, and came across a new line that I would be REALLY interested in your opinion on.  The website is: This is the same person/company who once had the Wonderbar out.  That was the product that (messed up my skin and) made me start searching the Internet and find you.  Apparently the Wonderbar is no longer and this is the new product line up to replace it.  I know you are super busy so IF you ever have a spare minute and could check it out I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Answer from me:
They screwed up people’s skin with their previous product (Wunderbar) so they just dropped it,  changed names and marketing and magically a new source of revenue for them These are real marketing people….names, words, pictures, seduction…they have it all… They know how to part people from their money….

All their products claim to be ‘ideal for even the most sensitive skin’…. YIKES! They know nothing about sensitive skin…..

Unfortunately, nothing of substance here when I looked into the products…..

A soap is a soap is a soap….and I don’t like it on anyone’s skin. Don’t use a soap – use a truly gentle cleanser.

Their glycolic does not state % quantity of each AHA nor the pH of the formula….just lots of marketing hype. So how effective can it really be?

The Vitamin C serum does not state % quantity. They have created a water soluble Vit C – not very effective for regeneration of collagen and elastin – It’s better to use a fat soluble form (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate) as in C + Renew Serum and Triple C + E as it has a better chance of penetrating the lipid barrier of the skin.

The sunscreen has a fabulous 20% zinc oxide as the active sunscreen ingredient – but the rest of the formula is too moisturizing and emollient – hardly suitable for anyone with combination skin, and definitely not good for anyone with oily skin…

Wow…they are expensive for what they offer!!!!!!!

As for the marketing hype/fear tactics of what’s not in their products – wow, what a list of many irrelevant ingredients for these types of products….but hey…it looks impressive and they know that most people are not chemists so naturally would not know what any of these ingredients do, or are for…  I was expecting to see things like ‘no HIV’, ‘no arsenic’, ‘no rat poison’, ‘no ecoli bacteria’….all of which will be as useful as the other info they provide….

The website and products are pretty and fun and they have a nice message of supporting elephants…..

My, what genius marketing brains they have….pity they know very little about skin and skin care…probably find they are not estheticians nor dermatologists – just happy money making marketing people…

How did you feel reading about them and their products? Seduced? Interested?

Maybe I should learn from their marketing hype – but attach it to really good products that are clearly better for the skin… After all, as per a previous blog entry, Sensitive Skin Clinic is considered unsexy and boring….

Andrew Scoular at Sensitive Skin Clinic is ugly!

This is by far my most favourite comment about me posted on the YouTube channel SkinCareTV. It cracks me up every time I read it

“I can’t understand how this guy could remotely think that he is an authority of skin care, when his face is clearly sagging, mottled, and just simply unhealthy looking.”

Oooops, she forgot to add that I also have a big scar on my left cheek from having a big chunk of melanoma removed…..

So why have I not had laser resurfacing, Botox, fillers, remodeling surgery done?

I just like to focus on real skin care…helping you keep your skin healthy and balanced, and definitely less sensitized. I focus on skin care, not beauty, because beauty comes from within…and most people naturally posses plenty of inner beauty, but some people don’t…..

I have always had sensitive skin, that has been oily and acne prone, and I have had 6 decades of sun damage….and what you see is all NATURAL…because I believe in NATURAL skin care that is not tested on animals…that’s why I created the vegan Sensitive Skin Clinic line! Yes, I use the Sensitive Skin Clinic line on my skin.

Once you have strong and balanced skin, the choice is yours as to what you want to do from there…just don’t unbalance and sensitize it again…

Personally, I will not do Botox because it is continually tested on animals for different purposes, to see what quantity can be damaging or can kill a living entity. It is, after all, a serious toxin that can definitely kill you in high doses. We are surrounded by toxins in our daily lives, and generally they are things that we should try to protect ourselves from…

Fillers are not toxic, but as with all FDA approved medical procedures, it has been tested on animals….and all new varietals of fillers are also tested on animals before the FDA will approve it for human use.

Lasers are also all tested on animals before approved by the FDA. Lasers can burn the skin and create severe pain for a ‘test’ animal. Imagine being strapped down and have someone try out a new laser on you, against your will, and not give a damn about how much pain it causes you?

Surgery is OK, and I do not rule it out. Due to the melanoma surgery leaving my one eye slightly ‘pulled down’ I may get it corrected, and I may have some other potentially cancerous growths removed, and possibly may get a bit of a nip and tuck done…

But until then, I will just be NATURAL, and shun the celebrity fake look

Sensitive Skin Clinic is not sexy

This is just one of the comments I have received from people who have been to my website Sensitive Skin Clinic

“Your not sexy and interesting, just boring science stuff. I aint buying boring stuff”

Yes, I am about science and real skin care….and if that equates to being unsexy…then so be it! Too often, in my treatment room, I see sensitive skin that got messed up with sexy hyped up marketing based products – so I believe that information about real skin care is the power we all need to defend our skin against the barrage of marketing hyped ‘lies’ so-called ‘skin care’ companies use. As I always say:

Red skin = Unhappy Skin

Red skin = Unbalanced Skin

Unbalanced skin = Weak Skin

Weak skin = Sensitive Skin

So I wish your skin a wonderful exciting life with boring, science based ingredients in your skin care products that will make it strong, balanced and happy!

Sensitive Skin Clinic has a stupid environmental and cruelty free message!

Another interesting message I received from a visitor to my Sensitive Skin Clinic website:

“When I’m looking for products that will solve my problem of severly sensitive skin I’m not interested in limiting myself by worrying about how my use of products will impact the environment. I also think that your thoughts on animal testing are misguided. They are well cared for and if they help us find a way to having less sensitive and younger skin then its OK. Theyre just animals – it’s not like they are humans”.

Well, I will continue to worry about global warming, environmental hazards, and the welfare of all God’s creatures. When you check out the under cover investigations by PETA, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and many other sites online, I think the humanity of ‘humans’ can be called into question.

There are many skin care companies that will test on animals in order to create products that make them a lot of money…but I will not join in with them… The pain and suffering lab animals endure for the sake of human vanity is totally unethical.

My environmental and cruelty free message is sincere – and it’s here to stay!