Andrew Scoular at Sensitive Skin Clinic is ugly!

This is by far my most favourite comment about me posted on the YouTube channel SkinCareTV. It cracks me up every time I read it

“I can’t understand how this guy could remotely think that he is an authority of skin care, when his face is clearly sagging, mottled, and just simply unhealthy looking.”

Oooops, she forgot to add that I also have a big scar on my left cheek from having a big chunk of melanoma removed…..

So why have I not had laser resurfacing, Botox, fillers, remodeling surgery done?

I just like to focus on real skin care…helping you keep your skin healthy and balanced, and definitely less sensitized. I focus on skin care, not beauty, because beauty comes from within…and most people naturally posses plenty of inner beauty, but some people don’t…..

I have always had sensitive skin, that has been oily and acne prone, and I have had 6 decades of sun damage….and what you see is all NATURAL…because I believe in NATURAL skin care that is not tested on animals…that’s why I created the vegan Sensitive Skin Clinic line! Yes, I use the Sensitive Skin Clinic line on my skin.

Once you have strong and balanced skin, the choice is yours as to what you want to do from there…just don’t unbalance and sensitize it again…

Personally, I will not do Botox because it is continually tested on animals for different purposes, to see what quantity can be damaging or can kill a living entity. It is, after all, a serious toxin that can definitely kill you in high doses. We are surrounded by toxins in our daily lives, and generally they are things that we should try to protect ourselves from…

Fillers are not toxic, but as with all FDA approved medical procedures, it has been tested on animals….and all new varietals of fillers are also tested on animals before the FDA will approve it for human use.

Lasers are also all tested on animals before approved by the FDA. Lasers can burn the skin and create severe pain for a ‘test’ animal. Imagine being strapped down and have someone try out a new laser on you, against your will, and not give a damn about how much pain it causes you?

Surgery is OK, and I do not rule it out. Due to the melanoma surgery leaving my one eye slightly ‘pulled down’ I may get it corrected, and I may have some other potentially cancerous growths removed, and possibly may get a bit of a nip and tuck done…

But until then, I will just be NATURAL, and shun the celebrity fake look

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