Winter skin care and best moisturizing tips

The dramatic, freezing weather across the country is impacting your skin! Dry, cold Winter air will weaken the barrier function of your skin.
The outer-most layer becomes exceptionally dry and scaly. Your lipid
production (aka oil) is not sufficient to cover this extra dry outer
layer (unless you are a very oily skin type). Heated homes and offices will increase water loss from your skin into the dry atmosphere around you. Your skin dehydrates. Your skin flakes. Your skin looks dull. Your skin becomes easily irritated and feels uncomfortable and sensitive. Even the dry, unseasonably warm California weather is weakening the barrier function of your skin.

The solution is to help the skin by:
1. Maintaining a high moisture balance through 2x daily application of a hyaluronic hydrator like Hydrate + Serum.
2. Increasing the lipid barrier function of the skin by applying Rich + Calm Cream at night. For dry skin types, apply it AM + PM. It must be applied after the Hydrate + Serum. For day time, use the Light + Calm Lotion if you have combination skin. NOTE: Use 2 layers of the lotion (1 after
the other) in the areas where the skin is dry and does not produce much
of its own lipids (aka oil).
3. Soothing irritated, uncomfortable and sensitive skin areas by applying the Soothe + Hydrate Mask, leave on 10 minutes, rinse off with cool water. You can apply it AM or PM or both.

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