Expensive skin care products, are they worth it?

I came across an article in New Beauty Magazine Spring-Summer 2013. They claim they are the beauty experts….as judged by an objective panel of experts utilizing standardized beauty measurements????…yeah right… The article was about whether the worlds most expensive beauty products were worth it or not….and they don’t even discuss whether they are worth it or not… they just regurgitate some marketing hype….it is really pathetic! Yes I know I am fighting an uphill battle…unfortunately fact will never replace fiction in the beauty industry!

How about Orogold 24K Gold Nano Night Recovery at $3000?  Neither the marketing hype from the company, nor the judgement from the so-called expert judge from New Beauty even attempts to explain the hype of how gold in a skin cream can make you look younger! Nor do they state how much gold is actually in the product.  Does it just make you ‘glow’ so much that you blind people and thus prevent them from seeing your wrinkles? There is no credible evidence that gold can do anything in the skin (even if it is possible for a mineral to penetrate the skin). I believe that anyone with this kind of money to spend on a topical product will have enough money to spend on Botox/Fillers/Laser Resurfacing/Surgery to make themselves appear younger…but they are so obsessed with looking younger that they will also add a $3000 cream to the mix….. Orogold knows their market very well and are making a fortune in profits from this product…..

I could go on and on with all the products the New Beauty ‘Expert’ Magazine has showcased, but the same applies to each…hype and seduction to the right people will get them to part with lots of money….

Sure, some ingredients are more expensive to create and use in skin care. The stem cell and DNA repairing ingredients in Cell Youth Actif are more expensive to source and stabilize, and cannot be made in large batches and kept for long periods of time. That will add cost to the production process…. However, Cell Youth Actif is effective and is less than $100!!!! The esterized Vitamin C (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate) in C + Renew Serum is more complex to create than a standard water soluble Vitamin C, but the effectiveness in collagen and elastin development of the high percentage (17.5%) esterized Vitamin C certainly offsets the price of under $60. In the Antioxidant Defense Complex, there are 18 different antioxidants….that’s a lot – yet it is highly effective at under $50. 

Does this mean that the cheapest products are just as good as the expensive ones? NO. The quantity and quality of active ingredients will make a difference to the effectiveness of the product. Large consumer goods companies that make the drugstore type products will formulate with lower quantities and usually have access to cheap manufacturers in China and other parts of the world. Then the age old economic formula of cheap ingredients, low consumer price, and high volume sales means they appear to be the popular choice….. As general purpose moisturizers, they are fine. For skin specific and effective products, they fail. And all their cleansers are cheap detergents…and bad for everybody!

So do you need to spend a lot of money to get effective skin care? The answer is NO! You just have to dig deeper into the marketing hype and seduction and see if there is even a remote element of truth or substance to their claims before you fall into their trap. Once you know how the skin works, you will be more skeptical of most of what the skin care industry tries to sell you. Even so-called medical experts will give you the same hyped up/non-factual marketing information about skin care…to make you feel even more comfortable parting with your money…..

This is why my style of skin care is not very exciting and glitzy….the facts of skin care are not sexy….but if you know how to make your skin strong and balanced, it will work really well, and when combined with a good diet of 5 x fruit and 5 x vegetable servings every day, your skin will look younger and healthier…. And always wear a mineral sunscreen every day!

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