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Anti aging facials and skin care or plastic surgery and medical treatments?

In this article about why French women don’t get facelifts, it is interesting to see how the French (and many Europeans) view aging versus Americans.

According to the article, French women ’embrace’ aging whereas Americans fixate on youthfulness

The article expresses the importance of having a facial and using good masks. My belief mirrors that of the article, in that facials don’t have to be frequent if you are taking good care of your skin every night using the correct products for your skin. By that I always mean – using gentle products and treating your skin sensitively

Masks are a wonderful way to turbo-charge your skin care routine, and generally you can do it anytime – there is no fixed timeline. It is always good to use a mask before a big event – or even just to feel amazing before dinner with friends or a special work event.

A great antiaging mask is Tu’el Lift up and firming mask. The pea peptide, glucosamine and bamboo silica combination does help stimulate collagen and elastin development as well as gives an immediate firming result. This mask has ginseng in it that can be too stimulating for sensitive skin.

For sensitive skin and all other skin types, the Soothe + Hydrate Mask is amazing to hydrate and soften the skin, reduce wrinkles and add a very healthy and hydrated glow without any level of sensitivity (actually it is amazing for sensitive/irritated/red skin to bring about a stronger healthier skin). This is enabled by panthenol (Vit B5), comfrey extract (allantoin) and Sea Whip (extract from a marine plant).

Under any mask, you can layer any number of serums – like C + Renew Serum that uses an incredibly high quantity (17.5%) of esterized Vit C to help stimulate collagen and elsatin formation. Do this as frequently as possible and you will start seeing an amazing change to your skin in terms of tightness and elasticity.

It is an interesting note that ‘eating’ and ‘multitasking’ are mutually exclusive tasks (i.e. they should not be carried out simultaneously). Proper diet and de-stressing are seen by the French as being critical in slowing the aging process. 

Proper diet (5 x fruit and 5 x vegetable servings every day) is definitely a major part of an antiaging regimen, as is using ONLY a mineral based sunscreen EVERY DAY!

I am not one of the argan oil advocates – simple oil is not essential for the skin. Esterized oils are better. Oils can be great for cleansing the skin – especially olive oil.

Antioxidants + Mineral Sunscreen = the best anti aging skin care

The short answer to the anti aging skin question is:

1. Use a multi-level antioxidant like Antioxidant Defense Complex on your skin every day!

2. Use a mineral sunscreen on your skin every day!

3. Eat properly – have 5 x fruit and 5 x vegetable servings every day of your life!

The long answer:

Living on this planet is no picnic! It ages us. The sun and oxygen are the 2 major catalysts for aging by allowing rampant free radical damage to every cell in our body – and especially our skin…but then we don’t have any other planet to live on yet, so we must just cope with the aging effects of living on planet Earth.

The major spectrums of light that enable aging are Infra Red and Ultra Violet. Both of these come from the sun and affect us every single day of our lives – from the time it’s light in the morning until it is dark at night….they come through clouds, fog, and windows, so no need to fool yourself about never being affected by them…

Our body makes powerful antioxidants to help defend against these free radicals. They work really well when we are young, and then not so well as we age…. Mother Nature provides us with antioxidants in every fresh fruit and vegetable grown on this planet…to further help us combat the free radicals that affect every cell in our body. Eating 5 x fruit and 5 x vegetable servings EVERY DAY will help us maintain a strong fight against these free radicals. Processed food, junk food, fast food will do the opposite!

As the outermost organ of the body, the skin often gets the short-end of the stick when it comes to it’s share of the antioxidants in our body…that’s why skin aging often happens faster than any other organ aging. Science has shown that applying antioxidants on the skin from age 30 and up is a good strategy…..but now they are saying that applying antioxidants to the skin from a young age (teens and twenties) will help slow down the aging of the skin.

There is no such thing as a ‘super-antioxidant’ and that is all you need apply to the skin. That’s just marketing hype and spin… If it were the case, mother nature would just make 1 fruit and 1 vegetable and that’s all we’d eat – because the rest would be superfluous right? Yes, it’s wrong! We must consume a variety of antioxidants for our body to function properly and to slow down the aging process – it’s just the way that life IS on this planet!

So now that we have established that marketers spin and marketing hype is to be ignored, we need to address skin aging with powerful multitudes of organic antioxidants and combine them with a powerful inorganic sunscreen (the minerals zinc oxide and titanium dioxide).

Certain antioxidants like Vitamin A and C are also critical for the development of skin cells like collagen and elastin, so are important anti-aging ingredients in their own right. Yes, C + Renew will deliver great antioxidant power to the skin, but it is also being used as a primary stimulator of collagen and elastin fibres to make the skin act and look younger. It’s the esterized version of Vitamin C (Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate) that provides the anti-aging effects.

Try the Antioxidant Defense Complex 1.12oz with free shipping. It is an essential part of an anti-aging regimen because it helps fight the sun’s Infra Red damage to the skin while your Mineral Sunscreen SPF 35 or SPF 40 work at protecting your skin from the damaging Ultra Violet rays from the sun. 18 different antioxidants in 1 powerful product. Good for all skin types or used in place of a moisturizer by some oilier to combination skin types. Astaxanthin from micro algea create the orange tone. This provides a slight ‘self-tanning’ glow to the skin that looks good on most skin tones. Watch the SkinCareTV video on why antioxidants are important.

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

How to stop oily skin…the easiest way

Here’s the easy step by step approach to stop oily skin from making you unhappy:

1. Wash your face only 1x per day – AT NIGHT!
2. Use ONLY cool water with a gentle cleanser – DO NOT WASH FACE IN SHOWER!
3. Use a TRULY gentle cleanser – NO DETERGENT CLEANSER! That means no cleanser for oily or acne skin, no Cetaphil or other drug store brands that claim to be gentle…that’s just marketing lies…because the ingredients tell the truth – looks for …lauroyl sarcosinate, laureth sulfate, lauryl sulfate and other kinds of sulfate, betaines…. yes they are all in these so-called gentle cleansers….
4. Moisturize only where needed…that means do not apply moisturizer all over the face – just where you need it….so if you are oily on the nose or chin etc – do not apply moisturizer there….SIMPLE!
5. DO NOT use alcohol wipes or alcohol toners. Actually do not use anything that claims it will eliminate your oil…they will just make things worse…within 2 hours!

Want to know why this simple approach works? Check out the video on How the skin works, as well as the one that shows that only certain cleansers matter.

Here are a few comments from my clients who have stopped their oily and problematic skin from making them unhappy:
Logan R Yelp review ‘He completely blew my mind when he explained that I was washing my face too much.’
Becky T Yelp review ‘Ive had oily skin my whole life and its always been a losing battle –
until I had a facial with Andrew.  We discussed and changed my cleansing
routine and now Im oil free!! Thank you so much!’
Olga V Yelp review ‘the main ingredient in my facial care now is cold water. Apparently all these years my face wanted cold water! Go figure.’
Michelle E by email ‘It was weird not washing my face with cleanser this morning but I have actually noticed that my skin does not appear to be as oily and shiny throughout the day as it used to be.  Amazing!’

So, go ahead and try it! Yes all the stuff you’ve been told to do for oily skin is BS!