How to stop oily skin…the easiest way

Here’s the easy step by step approach to stop oily skin from making you unhappy:

1. Wash your face only 1x per day – AT NIGHT!
2. Use ONLY cool water with a gentle cleanser – DO NOT WASH FACE IN SHOWER!
3. Use a TRULY gentle cleanser – NO DETERGENT CLEANSER! That means no cleanser for oily or acne skin, no Cetaphil or other drug store brands that claim to be gentle…that’s just marketing lies…because the ingredients tell the truth – looks for …lauroyl sarcosinate, laureth sulfate, lauryl sulfate and other kinds of sulfate, betaines…. yes they are all in these so-called gentle cleansers….
4. Moisturize only where needed…that means do not apply moisturizer all over the face – just where you need it….so if you are oily on the nose or chin etc – do not apply moisturizer there….SIMPLE!
5. DO NOT use alcohol wipes or alcohol toners. Actually do not use anything that claims it will eliminate your oil…they will just make things worse…within 2 hours!

Want to know why this simple approach works? Check out the video on How the skin works, as well as the one that shows that only certain cleansers matter.

Here are a few comments from my clients who have stopped their oily and problematic skin from making them unhappy:
Logan R Yelp review ‘He completely blew my mind when he explained that I was washing my face too much.’
Becky T Yelp review ‘Ive had oily skin my whole life and its always been a losing battle –
until I had a facial with Andrew.  We discussed and changed my cleansing
routine and now Im oil free!! Thank you so much!’
Olga V Yelp review ‘the main ingredient in my facial care now is cold water. Apparently all these years my face wanted cold water! Go figure.’
Michelle E by email ‘It was weird not washing my face with cleanser this morning but I have actually noticed that my skin does not appear to be as oily and shiny throughout the day as it used to be.  Amazing!’

So, go ahead and try it! Yes all the stuff you’ve been told to do for oily skin is BS!

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