Lab grown skin – will save millions of lab animals from torture, pain and death

Some advances in skin care are humane – most are not! Check out this article for a positive humane aspect to skin care products.

All dermatology drugs and creams made by pharmaceutical companies and sold by doctors/pharmacies, are tested on animals. ‘FDA approved’ means ‘animal tested’. These test are painful and traumatic to each animal – but you never see nor hear about how they suffer…just the media coverage that makes it sound blissfully wonderful that these pharmaceutical companies/universities/government agencies are discovering new ways to change the way our skin looks. In this day and age, the global inhumanity to animals is epic…all because we want to live longer and look younger….and make pharmaceutical companies richer.

All Sensitive Skin Clinic products are cruelty free, and are never tested on animals. All services at Blue Turtle Spa utilise cruelty free skin care products. I will NEVER agree with anyone who feels that animals are disposable entities in the search for the mythical fountain of youth!

To know more about animal testing please watch this SkinCareTV video.

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