Animal cruelty is stuffed into your Nestle and Seventh Generation product – will it change?

Nestle, the biggest food manufacturer on the planet, has let their PR people spin a story about the company’s commitment to eliminating animal cruelty in the global factory farms that supply Nestle….see the article here….but as always, corporate spin is a million times greater than the actual practice on the ground….however the Humane Society of the US and International are keeping a close eye on whether animal welfare does indeed improve…

Until then, every bite of a Nestle product has an unhealthy dose of cruelty built into it….

And Seventh Generation (yes the uber-hyped and marketed environmentally friendly company) has been advocating for more animal tests being done on household products in the USA. They have not yet withdrawn support of the toxic chemical control act that will see millions of animals painfully and mercilessly killed in lab tests….so every Seventh Generation laundry detergent or dishwashing liquid or recycled paper towels will have animal blood in it and on it….not so cool!!!!

Animal cruelty in the cosmetic industry is legendary, but it can be avoided by buying only cruelty free skin care products. To learn more about animal testing see this (non-graphic) video.

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